Monday, September 15, 2014

A follow-up vote: Turquoise vs black with gray thread?

chalk lines...
After chalking with the chakoner, but before topstitching.

I binged on sewing this weekend.  Finished New Look 6071 in turquoise, sewed on a bow to that yellow and white UW, and found a way to save a dress that I thought might be a goner.  I'm several projects behind in posting.

Thanks everyone for your votes on my last post for Simplicity 1314!
Majority vote went to 1/2" squares (on the blog and in person).
Votes were more interesting about the color.  On the blog, it was almost 2:1 turquoise favorited to black, but in person, black was the clear winner.

The fabric is RPL double knit with 100% polyester batting.

Based on your prudent suggestions, I made some more samples (flannel vs batting) and washed them.
I prefer the batting to the flannel.  The flannel is really flat.

all black
For those who said it's hard to see the black, you're right.  All that work and it's hard to see.  Maybe it will look better in sunlight but I finished these after dark.  Daylight will come soon enough but I had to tell you now-now-now.

all turquoise
It is easier to see the turquoise.  If I used this shade of turquoise, I would not have enough for sleeves, or at least  I don't think so.  I have 3 other turquoises in stash and I think I only have enough to make the dress with sleeves if I used the lightest turquoise I have.
black with gray thread
But then how about this?  Black with gray thread??????

turquoise vs black/gray
Here's the group portrait of what's in the middle layer:
all together now
I like how the batting really makes the texture pop.  The flannel samples are very flat.

So now what do you think?????  Still all turquoise (and sleeveless) or black with gray thread?  Oh, I could make this in all navy or all gray too....with sleeves.

Be well!


  1. Ha! Black with turquoise thread.

  2. Eeeeeek! Black with grey thread with flannel. Yes. Yes. yes! :)

  3. Oh! The black with grey really pops!

  4. I like the black with grey too. Very chic.

  5. Black with gray is my personal favorite.
    I like both flannel and batting. Did you try Warm and Natural? It's a low-loft cotton batting and my personal fave.

  6. Oh my! I am soooo plain! : ) I like the texture of the black with black thread, but I do see the dilemma of not being able to see it, and you WANT to see it!! All that considered, black with gray thread is a nice option.

  7. I like the black with grey thread and flannel batting. Put a piece of unquilted ponte next to the flannel quilted ponte and then you'll see the texture pop better. Also think of warm and natural as someone suggested. It's softer/more pliable than poly batting, has texture but isn't as puffy as poly plus it'll be cooler to wear than poly batting.

  8. I like the black center with black thread. Although the grey thread does pop, it sort of reminds me of a potholder. Did you say how you will finish the back of the center panel?

  9. Black with grey thread and flannel. I am afraid if you use batting, that center panel would end up being too stiff.

  10. Yes, as Tomasa said, the batting will be stiff and will not drape well in a garment. I like the turquoise with flannel.

  11. I would suggest a dark grey so the contrast is less. I'm just thinking that less contrast = more sophistication. Although the flannel is flatter, I think that in dress form you will appreciate it's drape more.


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