Tuesday, September 23, 2014

27 hours in NYC with ATP

me and Swatch!
Me, in Vogue 1351 with Swatch at Mood

I have the best blog commenters!  Thanks so much for all your suggestions about Simplicity 1314.   I responded to all of your comments.   I have stepped away from the dress for almost 48 hours now and I am feeling better about it already. Thanks to your suggestions I have some new things to try, and I will be trying them as early as tonight.  I need to pack first for the ASE.  My outfits are pretty much planned, but I need to figure out tights or no tights, which shoes, etc.  These are the big questions in life, right?

Antoinette is in town for a work gig, so we met up for 27 hours again.  Last time we met up in NYC, in May 2013, it was also for 27 hours, so there you go.

Random highlights:

binging at Kashi's
We went to Kashi's (Metro Textiles).   I may have bought too much, again.  Kashi's is a very dangerous place for me.  and he is a very convincing salesman.  He has my address on file, so it's easy to ship it.

ATP and Kashi
ATP and Kashi.
me and Kashi
Me and Kashi.  The fabric for my dress and the exterior fabric for my bag were purchased at Kashi's in June of 2013 during my visit with Maria (velosewer).  So it was a fabric homecoming, of sorts.

The general scene at Kashi's
The general scene at Kashi's.  ATP made her dress (a designer knockoff) and her bag.
How wide is this fabric?  60"!

Fun fact: ATP is 60" tall, so I can use her as a guide to how wide fabric is!
That picture was taken at Paron's  (pronounced Pare-own, ATP asked.)
I cannot believe that I totally forgot to look for the textured sweatshirt fabric while I was there.  How could I have forgotten?  I'm guessing Suzanne bought the last of it anyway after she made her Simplicity 1314 with cream textured sweatshirt knit, but I meant to look!!!

3 fabrics from Paron
Fabric I bought at Paron's and carried home with me.

We also hit up Pacific Trimming and True Mart and the City Quilter.   and Mood as evidenced by our visit with Swatch. Our feet were tired and aching yesterday for sure.

Today we went to the Japanese bookstore, Beacon's closet (a clothing resale shop) and of course Doughnut Plant.

I came home this afternoon and took a huge nap.

Now it's time for packing, yes? I am driving straight from the Detroit airport to Haberman Fabrics tmw.  The fabric closet just let out a moan.

Be well!


  1. Whew! I just woke up from my siesta...

  2. Looks like 27 hours of fun! I can't wait for the pictures from ASE.

  3. I'm so excited for Friday, I don't even have words... The weather forecast is pretty awesome for the next 5 days, with highs in the mid-70s! Maybe that will help you pack?

  4. Your poor, poor fabric closet, bursting at the seams. ;) I think we are mastering the 27-hour NYC trip! I had a great time -- thanks for meeting up again! And, enjoy the heck out of ASE.

  5. Fun! Fun! fun! I adore the pictures of you with Swatch and at Kashi's, hugging the fabric. I'm glad that you are enjoying your time off!

    Rose in Sv

  6. Excited to see you on Friday! I head to NYC the end of the month and am planning on seeing Swatch and Kashi!

  7. I'm so jealous!! I wish I was home to met you and Gertie. I miss going to Haberman. I have another one for you to check out as well. It is easy to get to from Royal Oak. My other spot when I'm in Detroit is The Fabric Warehouse, it a must go to, here is the link http://www.fabricwarehouseonline.com. Before I move to Charlotte I loaded up on fabric! That is the stash I am working on since I returned to sewing. The prices are very reasonable too. Have fun!

  8. Looks like you had a great time in NYC! Have fun at the ASE. Someday you will have to share with us a photo of your fabric closet ;)

  9. Looks like such a great time at the shops. Have a safe trip and enjoy the conference.

  10. What fun! I love that she is 60 inches tall - so helpful!

  11. I must get to the City and soon! Love your fabric haul!!


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