Friday, January 2, 2009

Not droopy enough?

New Look 6731, view A-ish
New Look 6731, view A-ish

I cut this out last weekend and whipped it up today. Very fast, about 75 minutes to sew it. This fabric is a very soft, very stretchy knit, and it seems to be "growing" all on its own. I think I prefer double knit fabrics for sewing. They are stable, don't "grow", and have just enough stretchy-ness (i.e. not a lot, but enough to get the "job" of putting on a shirt done). Hems on double knits don't turn out "wavy" either. However, I don't have a lot of double knit fabric in my stash, so there goes the idea of not buying any fabric this year. Ha ha! I'm definitely intrigued by knits. I have reviewed the notes from the "Understanding Knit Fabrics" class offered online by SPR and I think I may be able to fix the wavy hems based on the notes. But double knit is such a dream to sew. It is worth its expense.

I really love the gathering in the front neckline. It is a cowl neck, but it doesn't seem "droopy" enough. It doesn't look right folding it over, either. But it is giving me ideas about putting interfacing in the collar to have it "stand up" more, as a sculptural effect. It also makes me think back to the aqua colored shirt that was almost a failure, but that I saved by making it into a elasticated ruffled gathered neckline. After making that shirt, I had the idea of making a turtleneck, but instead of it being the typical fold-over type, it would stand up, and be basically a big ruffled gather. I definitely want to try making that!

Anyway, I say this is "view A-ish" because I made long sleeves instead of 3/4, reduced the length by several inches, and didn't make the belt. I hae Sewing Pattern Reviewed it.

Somehow I have not yet made a list of the things I want to do this year. I always make lists, but the big ol' list of "everything for 2009" hasn't hit me, yet. I do have a lot of sewing in mind. There are many things I'd like to make, including:
  • funky turtleneck
  • square cowl neck shirt
  • super fierce ruffle shirt
  • bathrobe
  • aqua jacket for work
  • knit dress
  • new pjs using new pj pattern
2008 challenge update
To answer Antoinette: I will continue to limit my bottled water usage--it really pains me whenever buying bottled water seems to be my only choice. I am in the habit now of bringing water with me wherever I go, and I would like to try some new bottles this year, which I actually acquired last year (stainless steel ones) but never tried. My everyday bottles are #7s, which means they could be the leeching kind.

2009 challenge yet to come
I haven't decided yet what my challenge for this year will be, but I think it is going to involve not buying any more cards, stickers, ribbons, wrapping paper, tissue paper, etc. and it may involve not acquiring a single plastic bag in the new year!! I think for 2010, the challenge should be a year without styrofoam.


  1. May I suggest the water bottle that I use, a Camelbak? I reviewed it here.

  2. I like it a lot, with the collar-ish just the way it is! Do you find yourself messing with it a lot when wearing it?

    Did you ever see my version of New Look 6731 in a woven? I cut the roll-neck on the bias but didn't interface, and it has a good bit of structure. I just don't think the collar is long/ tall enough to droop, but could be rectified on a knit by lengthening the collar. Here it is:


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