Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pete!

McCall's 3006 short pants for Pete's birthday
McCall's 3006.
Happy Birthday, Pete!

Today is Pete's birthday. This is the second year out of 5 that we were able to spend his birthday together. Last year we were in England and visited Liverpool for the day, where we saw ants at a museum and went to the "Beatles Story" museum and shop, and ate at Nando's for dinner. It was a great day.

Now I have a silly head cold, one that is just annoying enough to keep me from breathing and sleeping properly. Plus my right eye keeps watering and my nose keeps running. It's a very attractive look. Pete came with me to work for the morning, then we left around noon. Pete bought lunch for us at Olives and brought it with him to the office, then we hit up CVS for some drugs and tissues, and then ate lunch and he opened his presents. We watched the Daily Show at 2pm, but I fell asleep during the interview and for all of the Colbert Report. I don't think I've slept that well in quite some time, and even though I only slept for 40 minutes, it felt like an entire evening. Since I didn't really sleep last night, I especially enjoyed the nap. Dinner was ravioli delivered by the local pizza shop, then we watched many episodes of Top Chef.

I gave Pete 2 books that he wanted: one about running and one about blogging, and the latest Battlestar Galactica DVD. I also made him the lovely short pants in the photo. Pete saw the lemon apron and pillowcase I made in July 2008 and wanted pj pants. I didn't have enough fabric leftover to make really anything, but I found 2 yards of the fabric on eBay (couldn't find more than that on eBay, and couldn't find it at all on etsy!). If I recall correctly, the fabric is by Alexander Henry.

There wasn't enough fabric in 2 yards to make long pj pants, as any experienced sewist knows. I offered to piece the fabric together to make them long enough to be, well, long, but Pete declined. He thought they were going to be shorts (like boxers). Well, they're a bit longer than that!

Happy Birthday Pete!!!! I hope you had a great day!!


  1. I had a great birthday thanks! I love my presents, they really rock - but spending the day with you was the best present of all! Love, Pete x

  2. Awww, he looks really happy in those new PJ pants. :)


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