Sunday, January 4, 2009

Following Up: More on Bobby's Burger Palace & reviews

I googled around to see if there were any "real" (i.e. professional) reviews of Bobby's Burger Palace.

There's a brief New York Times blurb and an Asbury Park Press article, but no professional reviews.

Here's a more thorough review (compared to mine) from a blogger who recently dined at BBP. I agree with him that the place is small, the whipped cream on the milkshake can be skipped, and that the communal dining setup somewhat annoying. Like the blogger, I also was expecting to have an outstanding burger, the best I've ever had, and was somewhat surprised that it was just "good". I'll probably try it once more in the future, just to see if it improves (and of course hoping Bobby will be there!)

Pete mentioned that in my previous post, I said that Bobby called Pad Thai "Thailand's homage to the peanut," but it was actually judge Ted Allen who said that. I stand corrected.

To answer historyfox: You're right, there's no alcohol at BBP. Have you ever eaten at Boom in Belmar? After some more Googling, it seems like that's the burger place down the shore.

In sewing news: I made Pete some short pajama pants; pix to follow!

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