Thursday, January 1, 2009

More importantly, can I turn this concept into a profitable book and a movie?

Oh, how I crack myself up.
I went back and read my very first blog posting from Jan 1, 2008 (the subject line is from that posting). I started this blog to chronicle my no-water-bottle challenge, but it turned into a sewing blog, which is something that I never predicted would happen!

So here's the count: by the end of the summer, I had drunk 21 bottles of water. I didn't have more bottled water until we went to Hawaii, where I consumed about a bottle a day--so that would be 14 bottles. So my grand total for the year is 35 bottles of water. I had been consuming about 21 bottles a week, times 52 weeks, for a total of around 1092 bottles. So that's ~3% of my 2007 water bottle total.

Last night I fell asleep by 11:15pm. It turns out Pete was awake til 12:30am. I felt badly that I couldn't stay awake that late, but I just couldn't do it. We were let out of work at 3pm, and we had a super early dinner at PF Chang's and spent some time at Borders perusing...

Today we've been watching the Biggest Loser Season 3 marathon on Bravo. It's not going to end til 10pm. Gah. There's a fire burning in the fireplace.

This weekend I hope to sew a shirt that I cut out last weekend, and we'd like to go to Bobby Flay's Bobby's Burger Palace! and Sandy Hook, too, which was the first place I took Pete on his first visit here Dec 2003! But mostly I just want to relax these 4 days. or chillax, as Cidell says.


  1. Go you for cutting down your bottled water consumption. It was an inspiration to me too. And hey, you've totally earned your New Year break - so enjoy, and chillax!

  2. Happy New Year! We made it past midnight for the first time in a few years, but barely. Good job on the water bottle challenge! Do you think you'll try again in 2009 to get down to 0?

    BTW, I love how your blog started the year a water bottle blog, and became a sewing blog. But really, most non-business blogs now are lifestyle blogs with one main focus. We enjoy reading about your world even if you aren't writing about sewing. :)


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