Sunday, January 11, 2009

How deep is your stash? A tour of my sewing space. Plus things I want to make.

I was checking out Sewing Pattern Review, as usual, and thought some more about their fabric stash contest. I'm pretty sure that by 2/28/09, I'll make something out of a piece of fabric I've had in my stash prior to 8/1/08 (but I'm definitely not going to try to make the most garments, nor will I have the oldest piece of fabric in my stash (i.e. I'm not going for the win)). That got me in the mood to give you a tour of my sewing room (my den).

Here's my fabric stash, mostly sorted by color. Gosh, it looks like a mess in the photo, but in real life, it seems organized to me! I had to move out most of the flannel in order to get the rest of my fabric in there. (note to self: no more flannel for a while! Well, no more buying any fabric of any type for a while, but I just discovered double knit...). The oldest pieces of fabric in my collection probably date from 1994.

On top of the cubes are, from left to right, my stash of duck cloth (for bags); two boxes of buttons; and some UFOs/disasters.

My fabric stash, Jan 11, 2009

No picture available for my flannel stash, but it's three cubes worth (1 cube in this photo (bottom right corner) and two cubes worth now relocated to another closet.

Next up is my pattern stash, which is organized by type. This photo is a bit blurry, but you get the idea. I have a lot of patterns.
My pattern stash
Clockwise starting from upper left, "new" patterns (which means patterns I want to work on, not necessarily new)/ hats; skirts; sleepwear; mens/bags/costumes; shirts; patterns for knits only; jackets/multi patterns (i.e. pattern contains some combo of jacket/shirt/skirt/pants); dresses.

Here's for my "nice" button collection. My novelty buttons are in a small bucket (photo not available):

button assortment

My thread collection, organized by color:
Spools o' thread

My zipper stash, rubber banded by sizes. I used to make a lot of dresses and skirts. Now I focus on shirts, because dresses and skirts have a limited range of months for wearing in NJ:

Zipper stash

Here's another bit that looks like a disaster in the photo, but seems organized in real life: my elastic and bias tape collection:

Bias tape and elastic stash

And finally, here's where the magic happens: my Baby Lock sewing machine which was my high school graduation present in 1994. Hello, sweetness!

My sewing desk.  Jan 11, 2009
Antoinette, my favorite flapper buttons are propped
up in the box in front of the Eiffel Tower lamp!

This concludes our tour of my sewing room. So, how deep is your stash? :)

By the way: My red fabric cube contains a UFO unlined jacket that I may try to finish for the UFO contest. It looks super straightforward; I had cut out the pieces, interfaced, and even did the button loops, but stopped there because that's the first step to making the jacket and it took so long to turn the loops inside out! I think I cut it out about a year ago, so it would be perfect for this contest.

Things I'd like to make, in no particular order:
  1. Simplicity 4256: jacket A. Love the collar on it.
  2. New Look 6828: knit shirt B or C or dress A. Interesting gathers.
  3. New Look 6734: knit pants D. Love the 2" elastic waistband.
  4. McCalls 5298: jacket A (this is the UFO). My fabric is red like the drawing!
  5. Simplicity 4095: knit shirt A. Love the gatherings.
  6. Vogue 7799: knit shirt B or C. Love the high turtleneck and the sweeping cross neck.
  7. Vogue 2945: knit shirt A. I've never seen a square cowl neck before.
  8. New Look 6704: shirt/dress A. I have the perfect striped fabric for this style.
  9. McCalls 5106: jacket D. Looks vaguely like a pirate jacket. Love the stylelines.
  10. New Look 6799: dress B (gorgeous, Michelle Obama would wear it!). Great to show off toned arms and shoulders; also love the full skirt.
  11. New Look 6807 again, view E, but in black and add long sleeves. Love those back ties!
  12. Simplicity 2724: make the fierce ruffled shirt (even though it's a dress pattern)
  13. Simplicity 3696: nightgown F. Love the raglan sleeves.
  14. New Look 6815: safari shirtdress A, even though I'd never wear it.
  15. NewLook 6831: shirt B. I'm intrigued, even if the lack of collar looks wimpy.
  16. New Look 6619: jacket A even though some may think the asymmetrical collar is bad sewing on my part. It's stylish!
  17. New Look 6829: shirt C, also like shirt A. Love the three button placket.
  18. This gorgeous Amy Butler pillow (free pattern). Love the flower. Love how Peacock Chic interpreted it into flannel. I also see potential to make a pin out of the flower itself.
  19. McCall's MP291 (weird number), pj top C. Love the contrasting V neckband.
  20. McCall's 5511. pj top C. Love the contrasting collar.
While this list contains items I'd like to make, it's not a list of my 2009 sewing goals. That's a list for another post!

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  1. New Look is a Simplicity brand, I believe, in which case a shocking majority of the clothes you plan to make this year are Simplicity! I have lots of patterns from all of the Big 4, but I mostly sew Simplicity b/c the fit is pretty good for me without too many modifications.

    Aside from having that in common, the only pattern you and I both have is S2924, which is funny because we initially bonded over S4077 and thought we were ruffle twinkies or something! LOL


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