Saturday, March 21, 2009

I met Antoinette!!

I had a fantastic day! and it's not over yet...

First I had breakfast at the Crockett Hotel, which featured make-yer-own waffles in the shape of Texas! I forgot my camera in the hotel room, but if I had brought it with me, there would be a picture of a Texas shaped waffle right about here.

*imagine, texas shaped waffle picture right here*

It was actually quite tasty, too.

I went for a walk and saw the Alamo and went down to the RiverWalk and bought a hat because I forgot my sun hat at home.

Alamo with Crockett Hotel sign in back

And then I finally got to meet Antoinette! It was so much fun! Thank you, Antoinette, for doing all of the driving, first for driving from Austin to here and then to drive us all over, including the congested rush-hour style drive to the conference hotel.

We had such a great day! We had trouble finding the Southwest School of Art and Craft (thanks, Google maps, that street where we were supposed to turn is a parking lot), then we had trouble finding somewhere near the Craft school to eat lunch, but finally we found "Cafe Cool" and were able to relax and chat. We talked about a wide range of things, from sewing and refashioning, to weddings to environmental issues, and it was a lot of fun. It's the first time I ever met anyone in person who I originally met on the internet, and I came away feeling like if we lived in the same area, we'd hang out quite a lot (and definitely would take some classes together at the Craft school!)

Here we are at the end of the day:

Antoinette and me

Here she is taking pix of the library, after we just exited the Southwest School of Art and Craft:
Antoinette taking a picture of the library

Here I am with the "Art o Mat" vending machine, a converted cigarette machine that now dispenses art for $5:
should I take that one??

And here's one for Michele, for our love of cows, this one has red hearts:
a cow with red hearts for michele

And for Antoinette: here's the pattern review person who makes his own jeans, underwear, swim trunks and t-shirts:

And here's the Texas place where I buy double knit:

And here is the posting of my fabric stash:

Now I'm at the Conference Hotel, the Hotel Contessa. Each room is a suite, and my suite is larger than a floor of my townhouse. Holy cow! It has a lot of Texas charm, too!

living room couch and chair and coffee tables
Full sized couch in the living room of my suite...

You can see pix of my San Antonio trip, thus far, in my San Antonio 2009 Flickr album.

Thanks again, Antoinette--I had such a great day!! Hope to see you again sometime soon!


  1. Hey now! I loved the pictures - it looks like you had a great day. Nice new hat also :)
    Oh, and did you get anything from the $5 art vending machine?
    Enjoy the rest of your trip! The hotel room looks amazing!

  2. You are so fast! Appreciate the company today -- ditto for all. :) I have some pics, too and will let you know once uploaded to Flickr. Found that photo of me and Bradley Baumkirchner from Project Runway and I will post that one, too. LOL

    Best of luck on your presentations this week! You'll do great.

  3. I'm so envious of you two, getting to hang out together: talk sewing, talk photography, talk food! Thank you for sharing your trip!


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