Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In progress, please stand by

Thought I'd share some works in progress with you. Wow, isn't "works" a lofty word in this context?

Work 1:
New Look 6828 in progress...

I don't know, for some reason (the pattern directions didn't say to) I thought I could get away with not gathering the sleeve caps before sewing them into the shirt. Ha ha ha ha ha. And I was so sure, I didn't baste them in. Ha ha ha ha ha. At least I only sewed down one sleeve.

Guess who will be spending some serious quality time with her seam ripper?
See the last time I made this shirt it was sleeveless, so I did not have to bear these problems.

Work 2:
It's Amy Butler's Snow Mum Pillow!
I really loved what Peacock Chic did with this pillow pattern and I felt I had to make it.

Though it features a lot of my nemesis interfacing and that heat n' bond stuff, my new good friend piping will be added to the pillow. This is a mainly thoughtless project for now. Iron a lot, cut approx 500 petals and sew. Ha ha! It's also good for using my new rotary cutter and mat. Maybe I need a smaller cutter for these delicate little petals. Some of them are kinda ugly. I need to improve my rotary cutting skills.

So far I've cut out 20 large petals and I've interfaced the front pillow section. On the left are the 20 petals, which I've arranged like a leafy vine for now, just to show you (hmmm...another pillow idea??). The burgundy is just for contrast, so you can see the petals. The right side is the flannel I'm using for the pillow front and back. Don't you just love the pintucked squares? I do!

and those are just the big leaves...
I'm making it 14 x 14 and will for the first time in my life use a pillow form. Those forms are $$$, so that's why I chose the size I did instead of the 18 x 18 Amy recommends. JoAnn's already has enough of my hard earned cash, thanks.

Anyway, I can totally see making a cool pin out of the petals...can't you?
Imagine, a flower pin...
Til next time...


  1. Oh girl, my seam ripper and I are on a first-name basis! LOL So is that shirt on top a New Looker? I like the way it's turning out!

  2. I love the pillow design and can't wait to see the finished product. The flannel for behind the flower is really cool. The pintuck is awesome! I reminds me of the comforter cover I think you had in college - it was from IKEA, white with a bunch of tucks in it - I have the same one. The shirt looks cool, too - interesting details.


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