Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rolling stones

Time for a bit of spring, no?
My fake forsythia wreath
Welcome home!

That's the fake forsythia wreath I made on my day off, February 27, 2009.
Funny to think that last Sunday night, I was really really hoping for a snow day. It snowed about 6 inches overnight, resulting in a delayed opening Monday morning.
Then it was 70 degrees yesterday and I ate dinner outside.

And now the time change has happened. Please, can we choose a time and stick with it? I hate adjusting to the time change...

So on Thursday night I thought I would never get better. While my lower right back had been injured/hurting all this time but was mending (7 weeks now), my lower left back was fine, until I was collecting trash...something happened, a pain shot down my left leg, and I went down to the floor. At least the pain down the leg went away, though the pinching/aching sensation in my left back has not. I guess the good news is I think the right lower back is almost completely healed now. Or the left side just hurts more than the right side, but in a different way than the original injury. If that makes any sense.

A coworker helped me discover heat wraps, which magically become warm when they are in contact with air (ok, with a BA in chemistry I should know what reaction is taking place here...but I have not bothered to google it yet). They stick onto the body and last for at least 8 hours. They are a fantastic distraction. Maybe it's only psychological, but it's helping.

I have done a bit of shopping...I bought a new mattress to help with my back, and today I ordered a mini-laptop, or "netbook" as I heard they are called. It will be great for mobility around the house and also when I go to a conference in less than 2 weeks--I don't think I can lug an 8 pound laptop through the airport in my current state. I played with a netbook in Best Buy this afternoon and not only is it super cute (such an important quality for electronics, no?), it is so lightweight. The one I ordered is a hefty three pounds--but that's because the 6 cell battery should last for 7 hours. The 2.25 pound one contains a 3 cell battery that lasts 2 or 3 hours.

Rounding out my spending spree will be the ticket I will buy to see Pete in late April or early May. I have to do my taxes soon to get my refund!

In the meantime, I think I'd rather have the back injury than a kidney stone. My friend Devin has been in pain for 4 days with one, and finally passed the stone this morning. Congrats!


  1. What a cute house and front door! Your wreath holds its own. :)

  2. Here's another fun heat thing that you can make (especially since you sew). This one is better for the environment (than the heat wraps) since it's reusable. Make a sleeve of fabric (cotton usually works best) that is approximately the size of the area you'd like to heat, leaving one end open. Fill the sleeve with rice (buy the cheap rice at the supermarket - it will work fine for this purpose). Then sew up the opening. When you want to use it, stick it in the microwave for 5 minutes with a mug of water (the water helps it from getting too dry and bursting into flames). It's definitely a good thing.

    Nice wreath!

  3. Oh yes! One more thing:

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