Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was miserable, now I'm not

Usually sleep is my reprieve from anything that's bothering me, but with my back injury, it's not possible. Especially this week, when I've woken up quite a lot during the night. The funniest bit was Monday night, I was waking up every hour or so (too hot, too cold, had a dream that I was in the ocean with the kids from Jon & Kate Plus 8, and lobsters were pinching me--when I woke up, the pinching was my back and leg pain...) I've also learned that I am miserable without sleep, and miserably uncomfortable when I'm sleep deprived, nauseous, and in pain as I was on Tuesday evening. Finally, last night I was able to sleep for 3.5 hours without waking up, then another 2 hours, then another hour, so overall I was in good spirits today.

Plus, I'm flying to San Antonio tomorrow for a conference! I'm giving two talks (one that's an hour, and one that's a 5 minute lightning talk) but I'm not really nervous, at least not yet. I'm hoping the warm weather and change in routine magically mends my back. And, I get to finally meet Antoinette from CleverGirl in person! We are spending some time together on Saturday and will hopefully get visit to the Southwest School of Art and Craft, which I visited on my last trip to SA in May 2002. It was around graduation time for their school, and the student work on display really inspired me!

Last night I attended a Bryn Mawr alumnae event that was held at Princeton, to welcome the new President, Jane Damenn McAuliffe. Why don't more young alumnae attend these events? The three of us who graduated in the last 12 years instantly started chatting to each other. A student (class of 2009) was there for the panel discussion and she chatted with us young alums as well. She's probably 22 or 23, and it makes me wonder, what when I was 22, what was my idea of what someone who is 33 looks like? The student pointed out, one of the alums in attendance was class of 1938. I graduated 60 years after her. Mawrters definitely have longevity on their side.

I finished a shirt last weekend, NewLook 6838, view B. I added a ruffle to the top of it because I felt it was a bit low. Will I ever tire of ruffles? (hint: probably not!)

New Look 6828 view B

New Look 6828 View B close up before removing threads

Oh, and I packed tonight using my smallest suitcase and my new Acer with its new netbook sleeve (which also happened to be red on the inside). The red in real life is closer to burgundy than the red in the pix. Also, I read many reviews about the fingerprint issue--yes, it is true--it shows fingerprints like there's no tomorrow!

My Acer on top of a magazine
On top of the now-defunct "Sew Stylish" magazine. That's how small it is!

My new Acer Aspire One, the case, and lots of fingerprints

So at the baggage carousel, I'm going to target a random cowboy and ask him to pick my luggage off the carousel for me!!

I've lightened my load...
Too bad there's no sense of perspective...


  1. Can't wait to meet you in person! At least we know what each other looks like. LOL

  2. Sew Stylish is not defunct. It's produced 2 times a year - Spring and Fall.


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