Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warm, springy, happy feelings

It is warm and springy, the flowers are busting out of the ground, Rita's is open again, I still feel like a rock star from the conference I attended, my gym instructor has added lower back stretches to the routine, I start physical therapy next week, and I'm visiting Pete in England at the end of the month. Does it get any better than that?

Since M liked the yellow flower pix, here are two more flower pix. Love the fake grapes lying there in the dirt; they're from a wreath I used to have hanging on my front door. The gray strip of door insulation used to be on my door frame too, ha ha! Oh, entropy.

Yellow hyacinths bursting out
Yellow hyacinth

Um, I don't remember the name of these flowers, but they make me happy
Blue flowers I don't remember the name of

I've made some more progress on the Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow. Last night I cut out the medium & small petals with my embroidery scissors (I abandoned the rotary cutter for this task). Tonight I sewed a 1/8" seam down 1" of all 20 large, 16 medium and 12 small petals. I tried to sew the seam for the center petal, but I don't like the results. I might rip that out and leave it sans seam, or try a half inch instead of an inch. It looks like a starfish in the picture. The circle is the flower base.

Flower bits for the Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow

Maybe I'll try cutting the threads off later tonight.

Gosh, could I have this pillow done by the end of the week?? er, weekend? I need to:
  • assemble the flower
  • sew the flower to the pillow front
  • sew on the piping
  • hem the back pieces
  • sew the back pieces to the front
  • insert pillow form
  • admire & photograph my work
I'm thinking, if I'm going to make my wedding dress, I should try making a dress soon, since it's been awhile since I made a dress. But there are still some shirts I want to make.

Oh, and rocketboy posted a review of a buttondown shirt he made. He is talented! He sewed that shirt out of a bed sheet. Another good reminder that fabric is everywhere.

And check out my competition for the Sewn Hat contest. I believe voting starts April 2.


  1. It's looking a little more springy here too - getting ready for your visit. Can't wait for you to get here! Love, Pete x

  2. Hey rock star, this mum pillow is a perfect example of why I rarely craft. I would cut the first few petals beautifully, then cut the rest all haphazard and impatiently. Then I would run out of time for the weekend, lose some petals, and throw the whole thing away in disgust.

    This is why you are the ideal sewist for such a project. :) Sweet, patient, rock star Kyle!

    I have a few thrifted sheets I will turn into shirtdresses when I get a few hours on my hands! i've also had good luck turning vintage curtains into fabric bags.


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