Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vogue 8379: It's a wrap!

So I wanted to make a black wrap dress with sleeves and a collar--here's how it turned out. (Right. Red. Sleeveless. No collar.).
Vogue 8379
Full report, tmw (most likely).

This morning I watched a squirrel build a nest in my favorite tree. What made the squirrel decide, today is the day to build the nest? This is the right tree? Hrm.

Do you ever re-read your posts from a year ago? I just re-read some of mine from last June. Kind of fascinating (to me). I left out a story from 6/24/09. My coworker said to me that morning, "Are you in pain? Because you look terrible." I didn't appreciate her comment at the time. I have come a looong way.

Good night!!


  1. Very nice! I'm looking for a nice wrap dress. ~HLT

  2. The color is wonderful on you. This is my favorite wrap pattern, it turned out great with minimal changes.

  3. Beautiful! Love the color on you. Look forward to reading the scoop later.

  4. This is such a lovely dress on you. The style and color are so flattering!


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