Thursday, June 24, 2010

Faked my way through New Look 6922 view C-ish

New Look 6922 view C-ish done

So I have this rule that I don't sew after work.
Tonight I got home at 5:05. I don't remember the last time I got home that early.
I was itching to sew.
I decided to vow to be like Mary Nanna, acknowledging it might not work out. I shouldn't get upset. I know what I'm getting myself into.

And then I tackled New Look 6922 view C.

3.5 hours later, I'm done and it looks pretty decent, but it had a bumpy start:
New Look 6922 view C-ish in its lumpy and bumpy stage

All sorts of bumpiness there. I had cut the 16 on the sides and armholes; 12 at the shoulder and 14 at the neckline, but sewed the 14 down the sides. It was pulling across my hips in front, with something weird going on in the back, even though I did a swayback adjustment:
New Look 6922 view C-ish swayback adjustment

Oh, and I cut it out with my rotary cutter, since I couldn't find my sewing scissors. So it was a bit of a hack job. I have not gotten the hang of using the rotary cutter.

I wound up sewing a 14 in the chest grading out to 16 at the waist, and reducing the center back seam to 3/8 starting at the waist down. That seemed to take care of a lot of the pulling.

I decided to go sleeveless and just folded the armholes over and stitched them down.
For the neckline, it is gathered in the front as per the instructions, but I applied the band by folding the neckband in half, stitching to the front, then topstitching it down (except for the part where it's gathered).

I then used a ribbon that came with a store bought shirt as a belt, and pulled the fabric up over the belt slightly, kind of like my SATC2 dress.

I twin needle stitched the hem.
New Look 6922 view C-ish done

New Look 6922 view C-ish done

New Look 6922 view C-ish done

So the neckline is a little wonky, but is anyone besides a sewist going to notice?
New Look 6922 view C-ish done

It's done! Oh, and I finally turned my air conditioning on in my house for the first time this year. That's the longest I've waited to turn it on. About half way through this dress, I cracked!

There is talk of SPR weekend being in Chicago next year. I totally vote for that!

Good night!


  1. You have really been cranking out the dresses lately! This one is very nice...and I can't believe you just turned on your air! I work for heat and air conditioning....oh yeah and fabric and cable service so I can have internet access! *LOL*

  2. Very nice LBD - and it seemed like some after work sewing did you some good.

    oooh you lucky lucky summer people - today we have just had rain rain rain. So very Auckland winter. This year it has been very warm so I haven't even been able to pull out a wool coat without overheating. Wet, but not cold. The worst kind of winter.

  3. Wow! Looks great on you! Congratulations!

  4. I like your dress! The fit looks great and the ribbon belt really makes it chic! Way to conserve with the a/c!

  5. Can't see any wonkiness in the photo, therefore, it doesn't exist! Nice LBD!


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