Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you feel better now? Plus answers.

amaryllis leaf inside, after the rain!
The surprise (to me) Monday afternoon thunderstorm blew in my windows...and watered my amaryllis for me!

So on Monday my back was flaring up a bit, so I went for a little walk after dinner, to see if it would feel better. As I was coming back down the other end of the street, a grandfatherly man was walking his trash to the curb. I've never seen him before. I said hello to him, and he said "Do you feel better now, now that you've had your walk?" The question blew me away. How did he know???

Basically if I can get through the next two days, then it will definitely be 4 weeks between visits to Len. I'm so excited because I think I will actually make it. (Again, hope I didn't jinx myself).

My latest book on pain from the Princeton Public Library Pain Collection is "Pain Free For Life: The 6-week Cure for Chronic Pain without Surgery or Drugs" by Scott Brady. He actually studied with John Sarno and credits him with curing his chronic lumbar and IBS pain, but has his own treatment plan to follow. I'm at the point in the book where he wants me to find out if I'm a perfectionist and a people-pleaser, as these personality types lend themselves to chronic pain. Hrm. Funniest passage so far: When Scott is at the driving range and his back seizes up, and he's telling his subconcious to "stop the pain! stop it right now!" and realizes that he's actually yelling it out loud and all the other golfers are looking at him.

Other stuff: I asked some questions and y'all answered.

Sue, you are right! I got a new shower curtain! which y'all have seen in my lovely bathroom photos.

Lisette, you are right! It is verbena! Here's what it looked like this weekend (verbena is in the first three pots, left to right. The last pot on the right is calibrachoa). It seems really happy and healthy and unaffected by black spot, unlike my pink impatiens that are battling black spot.

End of week 2, 5/30/10
My toes are also in this shot.

I have not put my soap on sticks out to ward away deer and a deer ate a precious rose bud sometime between Monday afternoon around 4pm and today around 7pm. Rats.

New question:
Several of you have made Vogue 8379 (knit wrap dress, 2 time SPR "pattern of the year") and had bad things to say about the facings and how you wouldn't use them next time. So what would you do instead? Just fold over and hem? Use single fold bias tape? Or something else? I think I'm making the dress this weekend!

Good night!

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  1. What I said I would do if I ever made this dress again is that I would use the facing (at the correct lengths) used in Simplicity 3678. It's basically sewn on like bias tape to finish the unfinished edge of the neckline, but it's not on the bias. I would cut the facing slightly shorter than the total length of your neckline so that it will pull the neckline closer to your body and not gape. Let me know if you need any further clarification.


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