Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Look 6936 view B: Only 1 hour longer than claimed

So today I tackled New Look 6936, view B.
New Look 6936 View B
Hey, my dress matches my blog!

It's an "easy 2 hour (sewing time only)" "just 4 knits" pattern. This one clocked in for me at around 3 hours (sewing time with some clothes folding in the middle).

First, it looks like they were fast with creating the pattern envelope--the caption about the "sewing time only per item" is partially chopped off, and the model's elbow is touching the line drawing for view C.

New Look 6936 View B
Click on the photo to see my notes.

And on this pattern piece, it refers to 6, 10, 12, but it should be 8, 10, 12:
6, 10, 12?  Hrm.  Really it's 8, 10, 12

I liked the rouching of view B on the shoulders, but didn't want the ribbon so I used elastic instead. I did not attach a bow to the front of the dress.

I did a little SBA as per Trena but I could have done a LOT more...I was too timid for my first SBA.
New Look 6936 View B

I did not do a sway back adjustment. Something about this style (like with McCall's 6069) does not require me to do a swayback adjustment. I think it's the way the fabric drapes back there.

New Look 6936 View B

New Look 6936 View B

This dress photographs horribly and those were the best shots I could get.

I think there's too much chest showing for this to be a work dress, plus this fabric, even though it's a knit, is showing every wrinkle...I think it might be a weekend kind of dress.

I'm going to make view A next in red cherry print on black knit background as a nightgown. I bet I can get it sewn in 2 hours. Not that this is a race or something.

Oh, and as for Vogue 8379, I did a fake SBA by pulling the bodice down 3/4 of an inch more and then sewing it up.

Vogue 8379 fake SBA

I also fixed the ties so they are the same length-ish:
Vogue 8379 fixed
So that dress is a wrap!
Good night!


  1. They are both lovely dresses.

  2. They ARE both lovely dresses - I love the shoulder gathers on the first and the tie on the second - both are great shapes on you (and colours - in the old schema I guess you were an "autumn")

  3. Both dresses are very cute! You wear red and green equally well.

  4. Love that green dress! But I think you may be right that its not appropriate for work. But maybe if you accessorized it with a scarf or a pin.... Hmmm... I think you could make it work.

    And you make me laugh with your time comments.

  5. I love both of your dresses! The emerald green dress is the perfect color for you and then again so is the burgundy wrap dress. You scored big with both of them:)

  6. Love that green dress! The style is really flattering. It doesn't look baggy at the bust, but if you want more SBA on that one I would recommend folding out some width along the lower gathered edge of the bodice, like so: The tuck at the diagonal edge is to prevent gape, not bagginess--two symptoms of the same problem (wait, I probably shouldn't call having a small bust a problem).

  7. I think both dresses look fabulous!
    Btw, just when I thought I'd figured out, I guess that "SBA" != "sway back adjustment" after all?

  8. Both dresses look fabulous! Great job!

  9. Hi Kyle! This is Mallory, de Joann's. I love your website! Your projects always turn out gorgeous, and I hope I can get to that level one day (especially with knit material lol). Hope to see you at my store sometime soon!

  10. I second (eword10) the scarf with the green dress. It will take a basic dress up several notches AND be appropriate for work.
    Nice job.


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