Tuesday, June 8, 2010

random stuff

Vogue front skirt pattern piece
Guess what did that to my Vogue 8379 front skirt pattern piece! (Not an animal, not a person...) Answer at bottom of post!

So tonight I went to a lecture about foot and ankle problems. I learned that there is so much that can go wrong with feet and ankles. Holy cow.

Here are some roses from my "garden"


Dresses I want to make:
dresses I want to make next
(From left to right, I want to make view B and view D).

I'm going to try to fix my Vogue 8379 red dress for both a fake SBA and the length of one of the ties. I should have used Trena's very awesome SBA adjustment (there's the link again for those who didn't get it a few days ago when I first posted her tutorial--thank you Trena for writing it up) but standing in the muslin it seemed just fine, as well as leaning forward. It's the sitting that's the problem.

And here is your answer, it's Hal, my Roomba, who found the pattern piece for me:

Oh Hal
Good night!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Lol .... oh dear!!!

  3. I guessed right that it was the roomba! Bad roomba!laten

  4. Oh, Roomba. Naughty Roomba. I think he's learned his lesson. I guessed wrong -- was thinking it was an overheated iron.


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