Monday, July 5, 2010

New Look 6922 view A: ready for senate confirmation hearing

The July 4 holiday rolls on over here into July 5 on my blog...

You know how much I love New Look 6922 view C (the dress that I've made twice now in black and aqua blue. I will make it in brown before the summer is out!). Today I finished off the cardigan view A. I actually love view B (short sleeve cardigan) but was thinking I need a long sleeve cardigan for the office.

I had a lot of trouble with the collar: I cut it out wrong; I used interfacing that is waaaay too heavy; I had to rip the collar out and put it back in a few times; I even had trouble with the hem of all things.

I tried it on and I think I look like I'm ready for my senate confirmation hearing. I thought it might look casual; rather it looks very official.
New Look 6922 view A
I'm sorry, I don't recall that...

New Look 6922 view A
I would rather not state at this time...

New Look 6922 view A
My lawyers have advised me to not answer any questions regarding that...

New Look 6922 view A
Yes, I am aware of the seriousness of the situation...

The collar is not rolling too well on the right more than on the left, but next time I will use the interfacing designed for knits. And I'll probably make it short sleeved. Heh!

I'm going to order more of the turquoise fabric from Hancock online so I can make the blue dress (Simplicity 3742) from Saturday again in the right size. I bought that fabric in Austin in March.

Parting shot: I broke up the green eyed susans into smaller bunches and then decided to take a picture outside of one of the smaller bunches.

green eyed susans


  1. Let me start off by saying that I love this cardigan. I think it looks great and is flattering. The collar looks good, don't see what you're mentioning about the one side. The cardigan probably would look more casual if you used knit interfacing for the collar though. It would be more slouchy. But I still like it this way. Great job!

  2. My abs are getting a much-needed workout between the post title and the photo captions!!!! LOLZ

  3. I like the cardigan. Hehe... I think it can by casual or dressy depending on how it's styled.

  4. I like that it's a knit cardigan without being too casual--I should look up this pattern.

  5. I liked your cardigan, but your photo captions were hilarious!!!!


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