Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Look 6922 view C this time in brown/gray

Hello Bunny!
Hello Bunny!

This weekend is our big software upgrade weekend at work. My coworker was to be done with his part of the upgrade at noon, so that I could start my part. That left me with a lot of hours this morning--what to do--I know--sew!!

I really want to remake the Simplicity 3742 dress again in my size but am waiting for the fabric to be delivered. (I my big closet there isn't the right fabric for it, ha ha!) The good news is the dress fit my friend Denise perfectly without any alterations at all, and she looks really great in it.

So instead I set about making New Look 6922 view C for the third time! This time it's in a fabric that sometimes looks brown, sometimes looks gray (I used black thread outside, brown bobbin inside). Then it turned out my coworker finished his part of the upgrade ahead of schedule at 10:30, so I had to stop midway through sewing my dress. I finished it tonight after dinner.

front view New Look 6922
Another funny face

New Look 6922 view C once again! in brown/gray this time
My hair is straight-ish from wearing it pulled back in a pony tail...

back New Look 6922
I like the pink ribbon belt--it goes with brown or gray

side New Look 6922

The fabric is from Jomar during Sewing Pattern Review weekend Philly. It's a thin knit blend.

Mazzygirl made the shirt from this pattern and finished the neckline in a different way than I did on my previous versions, which is different from the pattern directions. So this time I tried it her way, which was to sew the band to the front of the dress and fold it over to the back, then stitch it down on the outside. The band is raw on the inside. This seems to be a much better technique than what I did in previous versions, which was to fold the band in half, sew it to the front, then stitch it down, except for the gathered area, where I tacked it down. The pattern directions are more cumbersome than that--you can read the pattern for those directions!
close up of finish
Mazzygirl technique: much better

To alleviate bra strap issues (the neck on the dress is a tad wide, and by finishing the neckline in this new-to-me manner, it's even wider than in my previous versions) I added bra strap corrallers this time.
Bra strap corraler
Inside the dress, the bra strap corraller waits...

All I did was cut some ribbon (it's brown with the fun pink stitching), sew it inside the armhole seam, sew on some snaps (one to the ribbon, one to the neckline of the dress), fold over the raw edge of the ribbon and sewed that down--voila! If these work out ok, I'm definitely adding them to the other two versions of this dress.

So I think that's it for the dress 6922. Three versions is enough for now. I really, really want to remake the 6922 cardigan, short sleeved in brown and aqua blue versions. I'm thinking I might make it tmw? But which color???? Stay tuned.

Anyway, as a reminder, here's the black and aqua blue versions of the dress again:

New Look 6922 in aqua blue

New Look 6922 view C-ish done
Which version is your favorite?


  1. both colours look great on you. yes you definitely suit warm colours.. and I'm learning lots about knits from your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    ps have ordered in a replacement part for my machine but thanks for your suggestion which sounded like a whole lot of fun ...

  2. I like the brown and the aqua on you the best. The dress is very flattering.

  3. They all look great! A nice, flattering basic.

  4. They all look great on you, but the aqua is a fav of mine. Perhaps you could layer the others.

  5. I like them all!! I'm working on a really easy cotton dress, hopefully, I'll get it down before school starts back.

  6. Very nice! I love all the dresses you've been creating!


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