Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simplicity 2473 in progress

Thank you kind readers for all the super nice comments you have posted!! Here, have some flowers!

pink, red and purple zinnias
So pretty! Pink, red and purple zinnias from the Princeton Farmer's Market

I have been itching to make this dress since last year. Today (after a big nap) was the day to start Simplicity 2473. Hurrah!
Simplicity 2473 pattern
It's one of those Project Run(a)way patterns, with many (say it in Tim's voice) designer options.

I'm making the dress on the right side of the pattern. No collar, no sleeves, flared skirt.

Here it is; no armhole binding, hem, or running stitches yet!

Simplicity 2473 in progress

I'm using a black linen-look fabric from Hancock Fabrics (purchased online).

I'm shocked I didn't have to make an SBA; the princess seams were totally fine!

I made a swayback adjustment on the skirt at the waistband; I should have made it also on the skirt itself as per Trena, but it's really not so bad.

Also, I haven't inserted a zipper in ages; I did a lapped zipper and it was fine.

Simplicity 2473 in progress

Simplicity 2473 in progress

It's 12 on top graded to 14 at the hip.
I sewed the top of the waistband on with essentially a one inch seam; this brought the entire dress "up" which I initially liked but now that I'm too far past the point of no return, I'm not so sure that I like how high it is. Maybe it was fine where it was?

Regardless, I'm still excited for this dress. What color should I do the running stitches in? It looks like they used white stitching. I was thinking of maybe going with a color. Or not.

What cracks me up about the pattern is the photo on the left side shows a model in the background. She's wearing same the dress as the model in the photo on the right. But it's not the same model! So I guess they use different models with the same dress and then decide later? Interesting. If you scroll your mouse over the picture here then you can see what I'm talking about.

Tonight I ate a cantaloupe that was so good, it was like candy. YUM!

Good night!


  1. very cute, yes, I'd use cream stitching though. I really like it - I'm seeing sheath dresses everywhere - so chic!

  2. This dress looks fabulous so far. The fit looks really good! It would be hard for me to decide what thread to use for the topstitching, can't wait to see it all finished when you've decided. Loved the bouquet!

  3. Oh wow, the fit is perfect on you. It's so flattering! My suggestion is to use a less dramatic color combination than black and white. Maybe even great red if you have a pair of fabulous red shoes?

  4. Looks like that dress was made for you! Great fit. You'e doing a terrific job on those dresses, lady!

  5. I love this dress. I have had this pattern in my stash for ages. I have to make it up now since I've seen it on you. It looks so cute on you. I say go for a color if you feel like it. But I think a cream would be really classy.


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