Sunday, July 25, 2010

I chose Ecru: Simplicity 2473 day 2

Day 2 of Simplicity 2473. Not that I spent a whole lot of time on it. I did go to the JoAnn's in Colonia as a treat (yes, treat, because it is larger than the one near Princeton). I also thought the Simplicity $1.99 sale started today. Oops, it starts Thursday.

I finished the armholes and put in a hem (which I put in and ripped out 3 times...) This fabric and hems don't get along very well. I tried a 1.5 inch hem, then chopped 3/4 off and hemmed with extra wide single fold bias tape, then ripped that out and folded the fabric once at about 3/8, hemmed, and folded and hemmed again. Phew! It finally doesn't look too bad. I haven't ironed it yet as I'm not done with the running stitches yet.

Thank you for your suggestions about running stitch color. I chose the DMC color "ecru" which is basically cream, as per Mary Nanna who first suggested it. Here it's showing up as if it were white.

Simplicity 2473 day 2

I still need to do the running stitch on the skirt but am running out of energy for tonight.

Simplicity 2473 day 2

My hair is definitely becoming more "Jersey". I decided to grow it out for a year and see what happens. It's been 7 months since it was last cut.

Simplicity 2473 day 2

After making the trek to Colonia I always treat myself to cupcakes and brownies from LaBon in Woodbridge. However, the location I usually hit up closed this past winter but I didn't know til I drove up and saw the sign on the door. So then I journeyed to their location in Edison which makes more sense anyhow. I was not going to be denied brownies! and cupcakes!

Cupcakes from LaBon!
Jostled in transit...

So I want to wear the dress on Tuesday, so hopefully tmw night I can finish up the stitching down the front and cut all threads and iron it.

I have a bit of touching up for some other garments: Adding bra strap holders to 2 of my New Look 6922 dresses; sewing up the Jalie scarf shirt so it's not quite so deep; finding a way to make the Antoinette labeled HOT dress cowl not so deep. The New Look cowl neck also needs some tweaking as I feel it is also too deep...and the turq/brown dress needs additional tweaking as the cross top is just too floppy when sitting down.

Good night!


  1. I'm loving that ecru - great choice!

  2. LOVE the ecru stitching! It's perfect and just fitting for the dress!

  3. Very classic, that ecru pickstitching on black. So, re: the HOT dress... Assuming the armhole and sides of the dress are generally comfortable, you can take width from center front and back. This will raise the cowl, though it will also decrease ease around the bust... FYI, my HOT dress has 1" ease around the bust and it's still slipping off my shoulders. ???

  4. I love the way the decorative stitches look!

  5. The top stitching with the DMC floss really gives a great detail to the dress. Very pretty.


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