Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running stitches finished: Simplicity 2473 complete

Wow, thanks for your comments about the stitching. Honestly, it's not very uniform, but it passes muster. I freeformed the stitches that you saw in the previous post, but was having trouble with the stitching down the front of the dress--it looked askew and obviously not uniform. So out came my tailor's chalk (my new friend, as piping is now a dear old friend) and I used a ruler to try to line up the stitching of the bodice for where it would go for the skirt.

You can see, I even had trouble with that:
Simplicity 2473 almost done

But somehow I made it work, and now it is done--running stitches done, dress ironed, threads cut!

In this picture, I think my lips and jaw look like my maternal (crafty) grandmother:
Simplicity 2473 DONE

And in this one, I think my eyes/forehead look like my dad:
Simplicity 2473 DONE

I was toying with doing stitches down the back of the skirt too, but it's good to know when to say when, right?

Simplicity 2473 DONE

The stitching goes around the back of the neckline and the midriff, but that's all.

So it is done!

In other news: I fixed downstairs Hal (he would only circle around and not break free from a tight circle--I followed the instructions on the iRobot website--very awesome as it revealed that a part of a peanut was stuck in its wheel and was very easy to remove). However, I sadly report that upstairs Hal fell down the stairs. I'm a horrible Roomba mother. I had put a magazine at the top of the staircase. Evidence points to that Hal pushed the magazine along so its cliff censor thought there was solid ground in front of it. Eventually, there wasn't and I heard Hal tumble. I was yelling out "no, Hal, no". It was very dramatic. While he landed on his "feet" and his clean button is green, and he cleans, he makes this horrible thumping noise while running. I went back to the iRobot site, and followed another video which revealed that I have to contact their support team. Part of the diagnostic was to remove his brushes and run him without them--he still makes the thumping noise so something else is wrong. I'm sorry upstairs Hal!

Good night!


  1. Love the dress. The top-stitching is great.
    Poor Hal ... lol !!

  2. Way to go on the dress. The running stitches look very nice! Hope Hal isn't too seriously damaged!

  3. That dress is totally gorgeous on you - that stitching just makes it. You look fantastic. Go rock that dress!

  4. You look fabulous in that dress - love it!

    And sorry to hear about upstairs Hal. =( Hopefully you can fix him.


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