Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vogue 8379 redux and other random things

After recently watching Antoinette's "how to make your own underwear" tutorial, I had to buy some tailor's chalk. It is SO much better than the marking pencils! and I can write crude messages to myself when things aren't going well (but for you readers, it says "Hi").

So what's going on over here on July 4 you ask? I made Vogue 8379 again, this time in black. You might recall that I originally was going to make this in black, partially cut it out, and then I wound up making it in red because I thought I didn't have enough fabric. Turns out I needed to cut several inches off the bottom anyway, and I was able to squeak this dress out.
vogue 8379 in black

The fabric is black double knit. It feels and drapes like a dream. Gorgeous stuff! I think it's from Lucy's Fabrics.

vogue 8379 in black

vogue 8379 in black

vogue 8379 in black

I think I like the red one better but I'm not quite sure why. Is it just the color?
Vogue 8379 fixed

There's so much that I want to sew and there's this drive within me to keep sewing! I think this may be the longest sustained sewing period I've had for a long while (sewing every weekend for weeks on end--making at least one dress a weekend for 7 (or is it 8?) weeks now). But this afternoon I told myself I'd stop sewing at 5pm. Post-lunch, I picked up working on the New Look 6922 cardigan after seeing MushyWear's white short sleeved version of it. I had stopped working on it a few weeks back because I was having issues with the shawl collar. Somehow I cut one of the collar pieces just plain wrong! So I was able to deal with that and move on, but by 5pm I wasn't done. Will I finish it off tonight anyway? It needs hemming (sleeves and cardigan) and the belt and belt loops need to be made.

So what else? The Princeton Farmer's Market is back, this time on Thursdays and in a very convenient location in front of the library.
Farmer's Market flowers
"Green" eyed susans...

I ran Hal downstairs this morning; he found my beach mat and dragged it over to the feet of Elvis. Does Elvis want to go to the beach? I don't know but I do!!
Hal's at it again

Here's what happened:

I killed a giant bug in the sink this morning. One of those gigantic centipede type bugs with a bazillion legs. I *hate* that.

Ironically my mom and I emailed about deer eating her plants yesterday. I believe in the soap method but haven't put any soap out this year to deter them from eating my roses. Well, last night they ate my impatiens out front. Hope that was a tasty salad! When I was watering them last night I was thinking about how big and healthy they looked! Too bad I don't have a "before" shot of this.
impatiens, post-deer-fest

Also, massive quantities of TastyCakes have been consumed this weekend.
Tastycake eating in progress

It's supposed to be 100F tmw.
That is all.


  1. The black Vogue dress looks chic and sophisticated. What a great pattern. Thanks for the mention on the cardigan. I do hope yours turns out to be a winner too! I've never seen Green-eyed Susan's. Pretty!

  2. I think you did a great job with both versions. My black eyed susans (MD's state flower) are just starting to bloom.

  3. I think it is you. I think your best color for a LBD is red!

    Nice work.

  4. Both of your dresses are very pretty. Either will take you anywhere you want to go. Except maybe, the beach!

  5. Lots of dresses... they all look great! Hope you have a fun time at the beach!


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