Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bake It Til You Make It

Bake it til you make it.  Toll House Cookies!

Wow, it's December 1! Holiday baking commenced last night! I still had some labels leftover from last year. Woot! I listen to Rod Stewart while baking. I particularly love "Young Hearts" with the line "Life is so brief, and time is a thief when you're undecided." Rod, you are a philosopher.

The joann's fabric that is the same SKU number as the fabric I bought last December arrived in the mail yesterday. However, it's NOT the same color as my disaster bow shirt. They are two different shades of gray:
Not the same color

So it looks like I will be using a klugey solution. Stay tuned!

When you wear something you didn't make, and someone says, "you couldn't have made that", is that a complement or an insult? Like, are they saying, wow, that looks really professional, did you make it? Or, wow, that looks really professional, guess you didn't make this one.

Ok, I think I made this in high school. It's one of those craft panels where you cut everything out and sew it up. I still like it, even though I can see I didn't sew it with the right seam allowance and can see hints of white fabric here and there!


Here is a wide variety of my favorite Christmas items. I love the Kissing Santa collection, and the Del Monte vegetable ornaments. LOVE THEM.


I got this for a quarter at a yard sale when I was in high school or college. Still love this too:

Good night!


  1. Those cookies look delicious! I also enjoy baking cookies during the holidays, it is a tradition.

  2. What is "klugey"? (Off to I think when someone says "you couldn't have made that", it means that it is so ornate or complex that no mere mortal could make that on one's own. And is it funny that your own photo is in the sidebar of your blog right now, because it is a photo of us from my blog? Say what?!

  3. The mouse on the candy cane is adorable. I'm going to make a gingerbread house with the boys this year as a new tradition. We will see how it goes...

  4. I'm sorry that the color didn't match. Mouse and candy cane are so cute!!


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