Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vogue 8534: The shirt that's somewhat saved

Back in mid-November I started working on Vogue 8534, and then I accidentally cut into the front of it.
Here's a refresher photo of the Frakenstein-like zig zag job I did:
Vogue 8534 with an accidental cut
The fabric was no longer at the Joann's I purchased it at, and I ordered it online but it was a different shade of gray (even though the SKU was the same).
So, tonight, I cut out that top front panel again but didn't have enough to cut out the entire continuous panel. So I cut the "bad" panel into two, and sewed them together to make a shoulder seam.
Vogue 8534 with shoulder seam, ha ha
I only did that on the one side, ha ha!
Vogue 8534
It looks great on Emma (who is smaller than me), but is actually too small in the bust for me. I went back to the pattern tissue and saw that I cut the 12, the biggest size in that envelope, but the bust is 35.5. Usually I cut for 37 in knits. Sigh, see, this is what I mean when I say I'm annoyed that Vogue doesn't print the finished garment bust measurement on the pattern envelope. If they had, I would have bought the other envelope.  I should have known better.   I'm going to try clipping the curves to see if that helps.
Those ties aren't supposed to be lined.  The ties and neckline are supposed to be just the raw cut edge.  I lined the tie which really makes it very bow like, but at least the ties and edges there are not raw.  For the back neck I just folded it over and sewed.

I worked on something for my mom today and I might blog about it tmw, as she reads this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Here's some of my favorite Christmas jewelery:
Elvis lives, in his Christmas jumpsuit: (too lazy to crop it right now):

Avon Christmas Surprise Pin (it's a convertible pin, meaning the bow separates from the red pkg and can be put on a white pkg instead.) I've had this since childhood and still have the original box, which says 1979 on it!  Here it's on my coat as a red pkg.

favorite Avon pin!

So, whether you celebrate Christmas or Giftmas this weekend, have a very Merry one!
My year-end best and worst sewing review is coming next week, and probably a goals review as well!

Good night!


  1. The top looks lovely, I didn't notice the seam until you pointed it out. I really like how the bow drapes in that fabric. You have alot of patience. I likely would not have tried to search out the matching fabric, I'd have gone with a contrasting colour, maybe a fuchsia, purple or turquoise blue.

    The convertible pin is wonderful. Avon had alot of cute "convertable" jewelery in the late '70s and early '80s. I still have a pair of "convertable" butterfly earrings from that era. I'm still hooked on convertable jewelery. If you haven't heard of the Kameleon line of jewelery you must check them out, they are online.


  2. I agree that the top is lovely also! You really pick great fabric colors!


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