Monday, December 20, 2010

All sorts of stuff

Hi there. There are several dead horses I'm beating. One is Vogue 8634. It started as a medium, then a small, and now the shoulder seam part is extra-small. I'm not extra-small in anything but apparently in the shoulder seams of Vogue 8634 I am. I have to rip out and redo all my twin needle stitching on it, as making it extra small brings the sleeves up and I could really use that inch I took off. Then I think it'll be done. The other dead horse is I accidentally broke my $200 dining room lamp and am trying to fix it. I am glad my Ikea dining room table can hold my weight.  Meanwhile I hurt my foot at a work meeting and just want it to get better soon.  Gratitude is the best healer, and I'm grateful my back and knee pain has decreased a lot this year, while my mobility has increased.  My goal is for 2011 to be my healthiest year ever!

Let's look at fun stuff, shall we? Since 11/14/10, I've made 600 Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies with walnuts, from scratch. I've probably eaten 100 of them. Last year I wrote about making the custom labels.
Cookies 12/19/10

I love gift wrapping, especially when I don't have to do a lot of it. Here are some of my favorites so far:

I love perfectly wrapped gifts

Another perfectly wrapped present

Here's a "wreath" cupcake from House of Cupcakes:
Wreath cupcake from House of Cupcakes

Here's Princeton's Palmer Square, all lit up for Christmas:
Christmas in Princeton's Palmer Square, 12/14/10

The super-quaint Princeton Post Office is in the background:
Christmas in Princeton's Palmer Square, 12/14/10

My orchids at work, and the moon, before leaving work tonight:

the moon and my orchids

And a closeup of what they looked like this morning:
White and purple orchids, 12/20/10

Can anyone ID the bird in this photo? There are actually two birds; probably a hawk? and its pray:

do you see the bird?  What bird is it?  12/19/10

Hope everyone's having a great holiday season.
Good night!


  1. You find the most interesting things! I love the wreath cupcake!

  2. Took me a while to find the bird. Amazing you captured that event on your camera. You are probably right about what kind it is. Pretty Christmas lights too. Good health to you in the new year and Merry Christmas!


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