Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gold lame Elvis Christmas

Merry Christmas, baby!
Elvis likes a hot fire

Well, good evening. Thanks for your comments about my shirt fix-ups. I did it because I wanted to wear a shirt I made, and it felt like I didn't really have any long sleeved shirts that I made that I wanted to wear. I wore the pink one and the green one to work this week, yeah!

Here's some more Christmas craft, not all done by me!

Here's an flower arrangement I did in 2002. It was the first item I listed on ebay and obviously, it didn't sell!
I was actually happy that it didn't sell, because I liked it so much.
I made the nut wreath in 2001.

Here's a Suzy's Zoo Ollie the Otter 18 count cross stitch I did I think when I was in college. I prefer 14 count but this was just too cute.
Ollie the Otter (me)

These next two were by my friend Betsy. This one has some silver metallic thread, which I always thought was neat. She date-stitched this one--1999! (Date-stitch is like time-stamp. I just made that up.)
Betsy's Merry Christmas

This one is stitched onto plastic canvas. She didn't date-stitch this one, but around the same time.
Betsy's Greetings

Ok, so seriously, tomorrow I will work on the Santa purse. It's all cut out and ironed so I just need to get my act together.

And check back mid-week for some Grandmom craft. I located two pieces!

Good night!


  1. Yes, if we celebrated Xmas in our family, I feel sure that a gold lame Elvis would be part of our festivities too.

  2. Don't let Elvis get too close to the fire! or he'll be a hunk hunk a' burnin' love, for real!

  3. My love of fibre arts started with crosstitch!


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