Saturday, September 27, 2008

I was wondering about this...

I'm now a devout reusable grocery bagger...but was wondering just how bad the reusable bags are for the environment. Here's a WSJ article that sort of sheds light on this issue.


  1. So... the point of the article is that we can change the type of bag we use, but that doesn't necessarily change the habit of expecting (or now buying) a bag every time we go to the store, right? And if we are collecting a treasure trove of thick polypropylene bags in lieu of the thin t-shirt bags we're used to, then we're not doing the environment much good, right?

    I have been using canvas remnants to make the Charlie bag (free download) from Burdastyle. It is a great pattern for remnants if you create a center front seam, and the size and overall dimensions are just right for my groceries and carrying preferences. I sew in the optional pocket so the bag folds up and tucks into its own little pocket. So far I have 3 of these, a Martha Stewart freebie from a subscription years ago, and a recycled green bag from a Steve Madden purchase. Usually these 5 bags are enough to get me through on trip at the grocery store. :)

    It is a little crazy to see that people can spend so much money on a reusable shopping bag. I wouldn't want to put eggs in a $45 shopping bag, either! So why bother? Wait, don't answer that... :)

  2. Yes, I think that's a good summary of the article!

    Go you with making three of your grocery bags! All of my reusable bags are courtesy of my Brit. Some of them are jute and "stand up" on their own--which makes them much better than the reusable bags at the grocery stores around here!

    I don't know why people would spend $45 on a grocery bag--probably the same kinds of people on that "Say Yes to the Dress" show that I recently discovered...


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