Monday, September 22, 2008

Sewing results, quickly

Ooph, I made a lot of stuff this weekend!
First, I took a failed project (a shirt) and changed it up to a vest after reading that's what someone else did on Sewing Pattern review.

Then I sewed up an apron as a goodbye present for a colleague who is moving to another building..

Then I sewed up Simplicity 2971, view A (sort of), in a berry color I hear is super trendy for fall.

Then today I worked on a disaster shirt. Finally I put it aside and made New Look 6807, View E. And I think it looks amazing, if I do say so myself. It was also a relief that it didn't need much tinkering...I made it two sizes smaller than my usual New Look size, based on other Sewing Pattern Reviews and also since it seemed very roomy.

I really like the cowl neckline and the ties in the back!

All (except the apron) have been
Sewing Pattern Reviewed.

I have entered the Pattern Stash Contest. Making 6807 was inspired in part by my desire to "keep up" with the leaders of the contest...

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  1. Kyle, your speediness is truly amazing, esp. when you consider that the craftsmanship looks outstanding! Nice job, lady! The pink tie top is my favorite out of this bunch.


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