Monday, September 29, 2008

Sew-sew weekend for sewing

This was a busy weekend for me, what with my hurricane and all! I worked for 6 hours on Sunday, which cut into my sewing time. (cut, heh heh!) But here's the sewing weekend in review:
On Saturday I made a cupcake nightshirt from McCalls' 3006.

(Yes, I do occasionally make a non-Simplicity, non-New Look pattern!) It's not as long as I'd like to make it--I like to make it as a long tunic but I should have bought 3 yards to accomplish that. I did buy the fabric in person at J&O Fabrics in Pennsauken, but it's also for sale on their site.

I also made view A of New Look 6807.

I wrestled with another huge neckline and even though I kind of hated it and those flow-y sleeves on Sat night, I like the end much-smaller-neckline result. I wore it to work today and really liked how the neckline and sleeves looked.

On Sunday I finally made Simplicity 4052, a Sense and Sensibility pattern that I've had for at least a year (suitable for the pattern stash contest over at Sewing Pattern Review).
It was another neckline battle, but I got through that! I think I need to head over to JoAnn's sometime soon and get some lace to put on the bottom of the fabric, so that it hangs over the extra-long lining (which I made extra-long to give this some length). The lining just looks odd hanging out there, but I'm gonna fix it with the lace. Honest! I did like my "So sweet" ribbon solution since I didn't have any white single fold bias tape:

These have all been Sewing Pattern Reviewed.

I still have the disaster shirt from the previous weekend to fix. I have a trick up my sleeve; I think I'll try it this weekend and of course will let you know how it goes! And if it works, then it is another one I can enter in the Stash Contest. There is a Project Runway jacket that I want to make (also from the stash) and two new knit shirts NewLook 6729 and 6828--both of those patterns arrived in the mail today and I'm kind of drooling over them...

And thank you to Antoinette for the shout out on her blog! She's so sweet!

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  1. Your sewing weekends have been incredibly productive! I love the cupcakes! So keep us posted on the stash contest, eh? Also, are you posting your Simplicity & New Look garments in the Simplicity Flickr pool? I bet those sewists would love to see your creations, too, if you aren't already dropping your photos into that pool.


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