Sunday, September 14, 2008

What to do with empty spools?

Any suggestions on what to do with empty spools of thread? Yesterday I finally made Simplicity 4280, which was a lesson in thread management. I wound the bobbin and realized I didn't have any more brown spools of thread! Only bits of brown thread remnants on various spools. I was really sweating out if I had enough thread for 5 buttonholes--and if there was enough on the bobbin near the end...but I made it through! I posted a review on Sewing Pattern Review about the jacket--my first jacket ever!

And I decided to add buttons at the last minute. So glad that I did--I used these flower buttons carved from coconut shells that I bought in Hilo, HI the summer of 2006.

But the question remains...what can be done with all those naked spools? They don't have recycle numbers on them, so I can't recycle them at the recycle hut--but could they be recycled into something else?


  1. That jacket looks fantastic. I can't think of any use for spent spools though - but maybe someone else will have a great idea. Good luck!

  2. Oooh, aaah, what a really lovely jacket. You've really outdone yourself! Did the polyester press OK for you? I love peter pan collars, too. This is such a great use for those beautiful and unique buttons. This looks great on you!

    Not sure about empty spools. I have been throwing mine in the recycling bin for now, but let me know if you start doing something cool with yours!

  3. Thanks pjb and Antoinette! I wore the jacket today--it was well received at work! It fits well and was nice to wear. I love the peter pan collar too--it's so much better than most "blazers" for women.

  4. I've had a sort of idea for the empty spools - I was wondering if I could use one to stop the power cable for my laptop getting severely bent at the point where it plugs into the computer? It's a bit hard to describe, but basically it should stop the cable getting too much strain and eventually breaking inside.


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