Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lacey fix

Went to JoAnn's after work tonight. Whee! They redesigned the store, so the layout is somewhat better-- But the aisles are too narrow--only one person in an aisle at a time or someone has to back out! Always felt I was in someone's way. Picked up some supplies I needed, like the brown thread I ran out of, and got some wide flat lace to put at the hem of the Sense and Sensibility chemise. Came home all excited--gathered the lace--started sewing it on--kind of screwed it up--I have to rip it out and fix it sometime later. I really shouldn't sew after work. It's pretty rare when I do sew post-work, but I can't remember an occasion where I sewed after work and had it come out the way I wanted it to be.

Anyway, I will post the fix on SPR when I fix it properly!

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  1. I think the lace is a pretty inspired idea. It's funny how a sense of urgency can really complicate a sewing project! I hope you'll have the energy to get back in, unpick the lace, and finish that sweet chemise.


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