Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You're no problem at all

I have the Rob Thomas song in my head (see title)! Or maybe that's just the refrain. It's the song I play when I'm feeling all unsure of myself. But it is stuck in my head from yesterday's pre-work meltdown. I'm all back on track today! The gym last night also helped--it's my stress reliever.

Speaking of the gym, during one of her classes Rita played a CD of mostly Madonna songs from the 80's and it struck me as being quite good...so I bought Madonna's Immaculate Collection and it arrived over the weekend, in the middle of my jacket-sewing marathon. This inspired me to find my Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation CD from my high school days. I had forgotten about her musical interludes and her realistic world view. If she threw in something about bottled water, that CD could have been released today. And who can still recall that hunky guy in her "Love will never do without you" video?

Speaking of bottled water, BPA is all over the news today and really, I have no idea who or what to believe. The reusable bottles I have been using are all 7's. Some say 7 definitely contains BPA; others say 7 is just a catch-all for plastics that don't fit 1 through 6, so some 7's may contain BPA and others may not. I bought a stainless steel bottle from LLBean but I've read that these types of bottles may be coated with plastic on the inside--seriously, I don't know what to believe.

So I really should learn more about economics. What is happening on Wall Street with all these big name firms going up in smoke?

Funny note of the day: One of my coworkers thinks I'm 26. Have you seen my gray hair? And I have a lot more gray than what's shown in the picture.
I wonder if the grays are all my reddish highlights bailing on me. Am I going to be completely gray by the time I'm 45? My parents didn't start to turn gray til their mid-50's.


  1. I heard about that BPA thing on NPR as I was waking up yesterday morning and thought of your challenge to go without water bottles for a year. It's all getting a little convoluted for me. Maybe we should just buy all our housewares from Germany or some country that had all this figured out decades.

    I only saw 2 gray hairs, lady. Pull 'em and don't worry about it. :)

  2. Hee! The Sigg bottles are from Switzerland but they too are coated with plastic on the inside--which they say are BPA free.

    I have so many more than 2 gray hairs--one of my coworkers said, "you must be wise" and I asked why, and he said "because of all the gray hair you have!"


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