Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blog it, blog it, blog it: Updates

Having a good nap at my parents' house on Christmas Day

Update 1: I'm overly excited now that my blog has my very own profile photo! I'm a gray blob no more! Thank you Pete for showing me how to edit that, especially how to get the cropped Flickr photo over here on Blogger!! It's a crop of this photo.

Update 2: I'm also excited that I now have a blog follower whom I don't know!

Update 3: Christmas was wonderful! Even though I had to work on Christmas Eve for the first time ever, it was still a very nice day. The director bought us all pizza for lunch (not just any pizza, but my favorite carbalicious Lala's pasta pizza from Massimo's) and we had a nice work celebration. Pete was invited to attend which was great too, and we were allowed to go home at 3pm. We drove to my parents house. Mom waited on Pete and me hand and foot. Three homecooked yummy meals a day, and she bought and decorated a new Christmas tree! We opened presents on Christmas Eve like we always do. Then Christmas Day, Pete and I went down to Sea Girt and Belmar to walk on the boardwalk. So we've now gone swimming on Thanksgiving Day and have been at the beach on Christmas Day. A nice way to bookend the holiday season, no? Also, it was the first time Pete and I spent Christmas together, so that was really special! That night Mom drove us around and we looked at Christmas lights.

Pete charmed friends and neighbors he had never met before with his cute English accent!

At the Belmar boardwalk on Christmas Day, 2008

Update 4: A coworker of mine asked me what our Christmas dinner tradition is. This woman is a bit of a traditional Martha Stewart type so I simultaneously cringed and laughed to tell her that on Christmas Eve we always eat tacos! She blinked and said, "that's good too!" Then she asked what we traditionally have on Christmas Day. Her daughter, who is probably 10 years old, then guessed "enchiladas?". Such a hoot.

Update 5: I made a shirt last Sunday, Dec 21. I finally SPR'd it tonight. I don't have much more to add except that I was getting tired while I made it, and had been hoping that it would only take 1 hour of sewing time instead of 2.5 hours. But it was well worth it!

Love the criss-cross and ties!!

Update 6: I uploaded more Hawaii photos of the first 2.5 days in Maui. More to follow! They're at the end of this album.

And how was your holiday??

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  1. Yay for the profile photo! Cute! You may have many more followers, but if a follower wants to follow your blog privately, you'll never know! Kinda interesting, yet kinda creepy. Glad you had a nice Christmas, your first with Pete, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year! I'll check out those Hawaii pics later...


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