Monday, December 29, 2008

More software rage

Who knew that my latest software rage would be against kindly techy

I updated my etsy profile. In one fell swoop (er, one page) I uploaded an avatar, selected my country, specified my gender, my birth month and day. There is a space for "favorite materials".

I type:
fabric. buttons. bells.

I press ok or save or whatever. I can't even recall which side the confirm button was on because it then told me I can not have periods in my "favorite materials". It retained what I had written in the "favorite materials" box (including periods) but it removed all other information I specified and also forgot about my photo? HUH?

So I then remove the periods and use &. And then it says I can't have symbols. So I change it to
fabric and buttons
(totally forgot about the bells at this point, and they didn't make sense anyway).
and do all the other steps separately, saving after each step.

Seriously? Etsy, I thought much more highly of you.

Maybe in 2009 I will actually read this book.

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  1. On the bright side, you know more about Etsy options than I ever did! I'd check those options out, but now maybe I'll wait till things get de-bugged. :)


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