Sunday, December 7, 2008

I used the men's room for the first time

Snowball candle holders

While decorating for the holidays I found some items from last Christmas that I want to ebay! So I've posted some more items Saturday and tonight. I still have a few more to go. I'm amazed that the 1970's Christmas craft kit got a bid, so I posted another vintage 70's Christmas craft kit that I was thinking of making...but seriously, it requires 250 sequins per tree, and the trees are like 3 inches tall, and that's just insane. I'd rather have the 5 bucks (minus fees).

Here's Pete modeling some snowball candle holders for ebay:
See the light...

I'm working on getting back to sewing. There is a red wrap shirt I want to make, but I haven't gotten past the laying-it-out-on-the-fabric stage due to the odd shirt pattern and lack of fabric. Sigh!

I wonder when Christmas became the consumer spending holiday that it is? We started calling it Giftmas last year. I've done a lot of shopping in advance, most of it online, I got my cards done and mailed today, half of my presents are wrapped, the decorations are up, the lights are in the window...and it even snowed last night! But it's still stressful.
The tree I've had since third grade

The lights all aglow in my front window

An arrangement I made last night

I still want to write about Maui, and post the second half of my vacation photos. And tell you fun stories! Like how, for the first time ever in my life, I used a men's rest room because electricians were working on the ladies room. Or how Pete had never sat in a La-Z-Boy recliner before and loved the one in our Maui condo. Or how TSA questioned my identity by saying, "You don't look like a Kyle". Or how, when we boarded the plane to Maui, the automated system on the plane alarmingly announced, "Windshear Ahead! Windshear ahead!" when we were still parked at the gate. I don't want these great moments to be lost!

And I still want to write about how my water bottle challenge is going, and what possible challenges lie ahead for next year (no plastic bags? no more buying paper items?) But there's still much to do: Much of what I need to do, professionally and personally.
Sometimes planning on paper is best.

(The post-its let me move items around easily.)

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  1. Congrats on your first trip to the men's room! My poor son is already constantly asking, "Why do I have to go to the ladies' room with you?" I really love the calendar! You're a busy and very organized person, obviously!


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