Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Does this annoy anyone else?

Why can't an agreement be made to keep the Yes/Ok/Save/Whatever buttons and the No/Cancel/whatever buttons in a consistent order? I am conditioned to OK being on the...right...and sometimes it's on the...left...even within the same program, the button order changes! Gah!

Lately I've been in training and documenting mode at work, and it's made me analyze other people's software documentation more closely.

For example, it annoys me when documentation is written this way:
Choose Warp Speed from the Actions menu and select Overdrive.

Here's how I write documentation:
From the Actions Menu, select Warp Speed, then Overdrive.

Isn't it easier for the user to follow the steps when they are written in order?? Too many times, the Microsoft documentation for word/excel/ppt is written in the first way rather than my way.

Lucky for my users, I write documentation in order. Heh.

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  1. Heaven bless you for writing documentation. Not everyone has this inclination or this skill, and it sounds like you have both!


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