Monday, December 15, 2008

Chirally Challenged

Good evening!

It's been a few weeks since I've sewed. Pete suggested that I do something for myself yesterday, so after taking a nap, I tackled New Look 6149, the wrap shirt version. So easy--just 3 hours including cutting time, and next time will be even faster because I won't cut the facings and will skip the interfacing(just fold the edges over, sew, you're done!) Somehow I made the mirror image of the wrap (completely my fault) and it made me think about organic chemistry and chiral centers.

I still have to read through the Understanding Knit Fabrics course from SPR, and Christine gave me a Built by Wendy book about sewing with knits. I can't wait to read those! But until then, I can say that double knit is by far the best knit fabric I've sewed with. It may be expensive, but it sews like a dream!
Detail of the wrap

I may need to steal an idea from Erica Bunker. She just posted her 2008 year in review and I may need to do something similar!

Yesterday I also made cookies for the cookie exchange at work. I made a batch of my usual scrumptious Nestle Toll House cookies, and then tried the double chocolate version (the only difference between the regular Toll House and the double chocolate ones is a half cup of cocoa and an additional quarter cup of brown sugar). We were supposed to make 6 cookies for each participant and one of my coworkers said that I should make 12 because they are so good. Thanks!

No pix of the cookies, though. We also burned the first log of the season but no pix of that either!

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