Monday, December 1, 2008

Shameless self promotion

Demonstrating talking to your broker on a rotary phone

Whee! I've posted my Giftmas time ebay blowout items! These are items that didn't sell during the year that, well, if they don't sell during the Christmas season, they'll never sell. Or they've been lurking around, say, the trunk of my car for a while. Or they have some other secret history...
Check them out (if this works) otherwise Advanced Search, by Seller, blossomkyle

It's for you!

Who doesn't want a rotary phone (I had this in my trunk for a while, and when I'd drive over a speed bump, the phone would ring, and it was quite funny when I had guests in my car...I ignored it the first time and no one said anything...)

In other news, I did not win the Sewing Pattern Review 100% cotton contest. I got 2 votes. Thank you, other person who voted for me!

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  1. Hilarious photos! Hope you get lots of bids. Plus, I didn't realize I could vote for you in the contest, or you would have had 3 votes, darlin'. Sometimes you have to spell it out for me: "I finished the contest. GO VOTE FOR ME." Maybe you did spell it out but not in all-caps. I'm kind of high-maintenance that way. LOL


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