Friday, April 3, 2009

Amy Butler Snow Mum Pillow Progress

Made progress tonight on the mum pillow.

It took me probably an hour and a half to sew the petals to the base. This pillow is a lesson in patience...

I wound up adding 1 more large petal, 3 more medium petals and 2 more small petals to each layer.

Here's the large petals sewn on to the base:
large petals sewn on; I added an additional petal

And then the medium petals:
medium petals sewn on: I added 3 more petals

And then the small petals:
small petals sewn on (I added two extra)

And then the center petal and a button (not sewn on yet):

probably this is the right size button

I'm still not sure which button to use. I think I prefer the size in the picture above best, but I like this color and style better (though it is waaaay too big):
I like this color/style of button the best, but it's too big.

So I'll probably buy a button at JoAnn's. I'll be there on Sunday while I'm waiting for my engagement ring to be resized.

Oh, and here's the back of the flower. You can see my circles are pretty blobby:
my not so great circles (back of flower)

So next I will add piping to the pillow. But that's for tmw!

Here's some forsythia blooming on Princeton's campus:
April 3, 2009 forsythia on Princeton's campus

And who knows what's "coming soon" to this storefront:
Hmmm...what's coming to Princeton?

Good night!


  1. Wow, that flower looks amazing! And I really enjoyed the pictures from Princeton too!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Super-duper flower! I agree on button size -- good luck finding the right one Sunday. I rarely think much about home dec sewing but this pillow ought to be featured front and center in your home!


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