Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look what I borrowed from the library tonight:

Design It Yourself Clothes Patternmaking book

Such an interesting book. I've been thinking a lot about knit shirts lately, especially after my Jalie and Burda experiences. This book explains, step by step, how to make a shirt to fix you perfectly by making your own pattern (oh, not just shirts but pants and skirts too, but I'm most interested in the shirt right now). I might have to buy this book. It was also interesting to see how busy the library was--it was really rockin' after work--like more-crowded-than-Barnes-and-Noble-on-a-weekend-afternoon busy.

I did Rodney's "how to sit in a chair" postures and exercises today. It seemed really helpful and my pain stayed on the right side until near the end of the day when it switched back to the left side. I did the DVD again tonight and the pain switched back to the right side again.

I made the appt for the couch, loveseat and bookcase to be removed on Saturday. How exciting is that? How fast can I put my Ikea table together? Place yer bets now!

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  1. I bought that book, sight unseen. It's ok as far as drafting a t-shirt, but notice that there are no darts in the shirt pattern or the pant pattern. Most people will not get a good fit without darts.


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