Saturday, March 27, 2010

McCall's 5770 Cloud PJ top done, and memories

It's getting near end of time for the SPR stash contest. This time they are selecting one random entry to get a gift certificate. This will be my third entry into the contest. You know, third time's a charm!

So this cloud flannel stash fabric has got to be at least 5 years old. I used leftover white flannel for the cuff and v-neck, from another pj shirt I made years ago.

Closer view of McCall's 5770

This was also my first time making a kangaroo pocket.
McCall's 5770 view  C with view A's kangaroo pocket

Overall, I'm pretty ok with it. I think the v could be better and the cuffs are a little wonky, but this is just for sleeping in. With the return of spring, my flannel wearing days are numbered (til October, that is).

My shadow on my mini-daffodils
A cluster of daffodils coming up at my house. Do you like my shadow there?

Today I had my Easter egg hunt, which is really just code for "picking up all the trash around my townhouse." You know, it's been two years since my last EEH, since I couldn't do it last year because of my back? For some reason, I really love picking up trash. When I was little, my mom offered my best friend and me a quarter to have an Easter egg hunt. I was really into it, but Maria knew what the gig really was.

I think it was 2 or 3 years ago that one of my neighbors asked me and Pete why we were picking up the trash. I replied, I don't see a sign that says "dump". Then he went inside and got a bag and started helping.

I'm excited that this year I am well enough to plant and maintain (i.e. water) flowers again. I can't wait!

One more childhood memory. So on Friday after Len I stopped at Lucy's for lunch, and they had some unlabelled sandwiches on the counter, and I thought they were tomato and mozzarella. So I said I'd have one of those, and they put it in the panini press. When I ate it back at the office, I realized it was tuna fish! I haven't had tuna fish since I was a little kid, and the smell of it and the toasted bread reminded me of how Mom would serve tuna fish sandwiches on, well, toasted bread. A nice food memory. Sorry, my little ocean friends, you were delicious!


  1. Gnome much? ;) Comfy PJ top! I'm pulling for you in the random drawing!

  2. Nice looking top - it's got a real snuggly sleeptime feel about it.

    have pulled a muscle in my back, I think my wee boy's getting too heavy. thought of you, and thought, "cripes imagine living with this all the time."


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