Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sewing room ransformation in progress

My sewing room is coming along! Today, an incredibly rainy and gusty day, two young men who I don't think have ever moved much furniture in their lives, removed the couch, loveseat, and bookcase from my home. Woo!

It was a comedy of errors really, with guy B saying "this just hasn't been our day" when they turned the sofa on its side and the bed popped out, bending some vital piece of metal which prohibited the bed from going back inside the sofa. The den door had to be taken off its hinges to remove the loveseat. They were running behind on jobs.

At one point, guy B was asking me if I was getting new furniture. I told him I've always hated that couch, I've had it for almost 10 years, it's time for it to go. He said, "wait, do you mind telling me how old you are?" I asked him how old he thought I was. He thought this was my first place out of college or something. Later he told me he asked guy A how old he thought I was, and he said 23. Why yes, they both got a tip.

Anyway, after 40 minutes, they were on their way and my Hals were vacuuming places they've never vacuumed before!

Tonight I put the table together. I had to use a drill to make the holes large enough for the screws to easily be screwed in. Then I had a hard time getting the table upright...until I decided to remove one of the legs and attach it with the table "standing" on three legs. It worked! I have already cut out a pajama top for the SPR stash contest. It was really really nice to cut out the fabric at the proper height! I am also using just one cutting mat so I can move it around. The table is more narrow than my dining room table, so that is really nice too. I don't have to lean over.

The den this morning:
furniture still there....

The dressform I have yet to buy will go where the bookcase was:
what it looked like this morning...

They stopped before driving off so I took this picture
goodbye truck!

Wow, the room seems a lot larger now
furniture gone...

My table, with fabric!!
Vika Amon and Vika Kaj Table up!

Good night!


  1. Looks great. A whole new room, indeed. I never voted, but I'm guessing it took 25 minutes to put the table together (though I do have the drill information, so I'm not sure if that's correct now). It's a bummer that the holes weren't big enough to begin with. Silly IKEA. Inquiring minds want to know how long it took?

  2. I live in TN and moved here from NJ two years ago. The picture of the moving van in front of the townhouses looks like Wyndham Place in Freehold. Is it?


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