Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mccall's 4261 DONE, plus new wall hanging

My new wall hanging

My den was in need of some new wall decorations. And I loved the yellow finches (officially, Alexander Henry "bird seed" fabric) I picked up in Austin last weekend at Stitch Lab. So I put the two together. It felt a bit Trading Spaces circa 2002 or so, when they would make padded headboards in this way. I used the cardboard that previously encased my Ikea tabletop, cut it to be a little less than the width of the fabric. I used my old mattress pad as "batting". At first I had the batting fold over the edges, but it was kind of bulky and messy, so I cut the batting to the cardboard size, hot glued it on, then taped the finch fabric to it on t5he back. I then hot glued some ribbon to the back so that I could hang it up.

I'm thinking it needs to be finished off with some black quilt binding or something, to create a "frame". But maybe it's ok as-is?

My new wall hanging in place

Its humble beginnings:
the start of my wall hanging: Ikea cardboard, my old mattress cover, and Austin fabric

I also made McCall's 4261 out of the Lucy's Fabrics Anchors sweatshirt fabric
front of mccall's something er other

They are pretty wild, but they are comfy and will be worn in the comfort of my own home
mccall's something er other

I partially cleaned out the living room closet yesterday and found a stack of photos. Here's a shirt, Butterick 3217, I made for a boyfriend circa 1994 or 1995. I'm still impressed by memories of this shirt and how I lined up the plaid on the sides, front placket, pocket, and sleeves. I'm sure it was donated to Goodwill soon after we broke up, if not before then. I kind of wish I hadn't given him the shirt, as it would have fit me and I still would worship that shirt. Yes, it's a picture of a picture.

Butterick 3217 circa 1994 or 5 or so


  1. I like your wall hanging. You would pay a fortune for it in a shop. Nice PJ bottoms too!

  2. I vote for keeping the wall hanging as is. Looks great!


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