Friday, March 19, 2010

Medium suitcase or large suitcase?

Trying to decide which suitcase to bring...the medium one which is already packed or the large one so I can buy fabric and have plenty of room for bringing it back? There are pros and cons to both...

Fabric you say? Yes! I am meeting up with Antoinette again, this time in Austin, and this time we're hitting up an indie fabric shop! So exciting!!!

I'm renting a car to do the drive from San Antonio to Austin. I really wanted a convertible but none seem to be available.

I'm extra excited for this trip. I'm on a panel discussion but not giving a talk, I feel pretty relaxed about the whole thing in general. This is my 4th conference for this software. I know a lot of people. Sometimes, I feel like a rock star in that community. So it's pretty awesome.

More from Texas!

ETA: Holy cow, there is a place called Hey Cupcake! with multiple locations in Austin, one of which is 4 minutes from the fabric shop!!!


  1. Oh no, we're not going to Hey Cupcake! Their cupcakes are impressive-looking but not impressive-tasting. There's another place, maybe 2 mins from the fabric store, that has really tasty cupcakes that are worth every inflated penny.

    The indie fabric store is small but I was going to recommend another one for later in the day and MAYBE you will end up with enough for the large suitcase?

    Glad you are relaxed! See you soon!

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  3. Go to LaValitta-The Shops at LaValitta Historic Art Village in San Antonio fo handmade jewelry, artwork, etc. One shop (don't remember the name) has great prices-I have 3 pieces of artwork and one necklace I purchased from there.


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