Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A bouquet and other stuff

25 stems of spray roses, and my stripey pj top
25 stems of spray roses from the local Stop and Shop before I unwrapped them...and my funky red and white striped shirt from the consignment shop. I wear it as one of my layers under the many flannel sleep shirts I make. Don't they both make you smile?

Twin needle update: Jo-Ann's had stretch needles, ballpoint needles, universal needles and twin needles....but no stretch twin needles or ballpoint twin needles. But came through! If you like knit fabrics and their accessories, Lucy's is fantastic. Check out their notions and trims and stretch lace. Lots of drool-worthy stuff there. I used a coupon code from Sewing Pattern Review's Merchants Page for 10% off, which helped.

Back pain update: Tmw will be the one year anniversary for my lower left back pain. So my back pain is a lot better and very tolerable, but it's not going away, either. It's plateaued in the last few weeks. I also noticed that in my gym class, when we do stretching on our backs, and the instructor says to pull our toes or grab our ankles or whatnot, I'm the only person who can't do it. I mean, even the 90 year old in our class can do it, and my hand is still inches away from my foot. So it got me thinking that the residual back pain might be related to my tight muscles. I stretch quite a lot, I feel, but I could always do more.

Yoga: This lead me back to yoga. I haven't done yoga for years. And the yoga classes at my gym aren't really convenient. So I rented two yoga DVDs from the library, specifically for back pain. While the one was relatively a dud, the other was great. Lots of hamstring stretches--I can feel the difference after doing the DVD. I also realized just how tight my hips are as well, through that and exercises from yet another back pain book (I have read sooo many books on back pain). And I forgot how great the restorative poses are too--there is one lying on the back my calves resting on a chair. It takes all the pressure off the lower back. Just lie there and breathe deeply. Feels amazing. So far I think it is making a difference in my pain, especially immediately following the yoga session.

I also have this theory that the side my back pain is on is related to the side I slept on the night before. I've been trying to sleep on my back to see if it makes a difference, but I wake up and really want to roll on my side.

Acupuncture: At acupuncture tonight, I described this all to Karen. So she did my first-ever treatment on my stomach. She put the needles directly into my back (which she had only done once before, when I pulled my rib). There were needles that went into my feet, the backs of my knees, my hamstrings, piriformis, the area of my SI joint (and now I know where the SI joint really is!), and into my shoulders. I could feel fluttering/twitching in my calves. She put heat on my knees and lower back. It felt like lying on a beach in the warm sun (not that I really ever did that). My back doesn't feel much different, but my knees feel amazing. No pain at all walking up the stairs tonight. And I also have that sort-of loopy post-acupuncture feeling that I haven't felt for a while. I think I will sleep well tonight!

Have a grrreat night everyone!!

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  1. When I get to NYC to fabric shop, I am prob. going to spend half my fabric budget on striped knits. I love them. So much whimsy and fun and love in striped knits.

    My son had three bloody noses on Saturday, and when we went to the wellness fair at his school that afternoon, an acupuncturist told him about a spot on his toe where he could apply pressure to stop the bleeding faster. The next morning, when another nosebleed came, he pressed the toe and the bloody nose stopped in 5 tissues! Kind of a big deal around here.


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