Monday, March 15, 2010

Not a good weekend to be an evergreen

looking in between the two trees of the previous shot
I'm standing in between two huge fallen evergreens for taking this picture

There was another nor'easter this weekend. I took a walk yesterday afternoon. The sheer number of fallen trees is beyond my scope of comprehension. They are everywhere. On my way to the chiropractor tonight, I saw one house with three trees on it. Three. There is also flooding and wind damage. There are downed wires and tree debris. I saw storm doors were completely ripped off their hinges. The fake shutters are everywhere, some of them shattered.

My normal 30 or 40 min trip to work was 60. My normal 15 or 20 min drive to the chiropractor was 75 min. So many roads are closed. I have a 13 year old map of Mercer County in my car. My chiropractor's office wasn't even on it. The map says "don't drive with yesterday's map". I was driving with yesterdecade's map.

My coworkers talked about power outages, no heat, no hot water, water in their basements, a tree in their brand new bathroom. Amazing.

I was so lucky. I had electricity the whole time, even when it flickered. No trees are on my house. I think the chimney might be leaking, but that's all. I do have a really flared up back. Like Jan 2009 pain, when it was just starting out. Len thinks my back is strained from putting the table together on Saturday night. He did his active release technique. We actually got to talk for a while since there were no-shows around my visit. It was a really good discussion about pain, life, control. Look at how far I've come...look at how much I've done in the last three weeks. He thinks what I have right now is temporary.

I took pix of some damage from the storm in my neighborhood, if you want to check out the whole album. Otherwise a few selected images are below.

I like the shadows here
normally this drainage ditch is pretty low

on the way to the bridge

Below is one of my neighbors trees. She has that obsessive cleaning disorder which I don't have. This must be driving her crazy. I'm surprised she hasn't purchased a chainsaw yet. When it snows, she removes every flake of snow from her parking spaces. Her car looks freshly waxed after new fallen snow. She has removed every plant in her side yard that the previous owner lovingly tended and nurtured. When a plant dares to come back, she rips out or cuts it down.
my across-the-street neighbor's tree

Those shutters are plastic!
this was the first of many fallen shutters.

Oh, and here's a pj top I'm in the middle of making, another one for the SPR stash contest. It has a kangaroo pocket.
McCall's something er other pj top in progress
I swear, my next blog posting will be Q&A. Because y'all have asked some questions lately, and you deserve answers.

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  1. Extreeeeme conditions! Glad you got photos, and glad you and your house made it through intact. I haven't seen the news in days.


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