Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Many moving parts

Gosh, today was one of those days with many moving parts.
  • Went to a 1 hr seminar on positive workplace communication, which was a real riot (thought of you, Antoinette!)
  • Went to a lunchtime acupuncture session. Felt very calm afterward. Everyone wanted to talk to me. Was my calm a magnet?
  • Today was my second day of wearing my brown corduroy jacket I made. My coworker said she is proud to know someone who can make garments like that. Wow!
  • I started working on my performance evaluation and other tasks
  • I took a walk after I got home. Snow piles still persist even with this 50 degree weather
  • I did a new (to me) yoga video, Yoga for Back Care with Rodney Yee. This DVD is a gem as far as I'm concerned, for the relaxation poses alone. They are done with a gigantic bolster pillow and while I don't have one of them, I improvised and wow, that makes a difference! My back pain switched sides while doing the video and is a lot less. He also has a segment on how to sit in a chair which is excellent. I'm definitely trying his tips at work tmw. Plus he is doing his yoga next to the ocean on the island of Maui, such nice scenery.
  • My order from arrived today!!!

My twin stretch needles and ballpoint needle assortment and elastic button looping arrived. Lucy's included a whole slew of surprise swatches! I loove that anchor sweatshirt fabric. Might have to buy it and make a hoodie from it. sent lots of samples!

Here is some of the fabric I ordered, 2 are double knit, one is fleece and one is a ribbed knit. Really, I need to stop buying the cheapy knit fabric at Jo-Ann's and buy this nicer fabric. Yes, it costs more but the garments will definitely last longer and double knit is a dream to sew with! I never sweat with double knit, whereas other knits leave me anxious.

lots o' good fabric here

I asked for turquoise double knit in their comments box on the order form. You can read the response. If you know of a source for double knit turquoise fabric that's NOT the 100% polyester kind, please kindly direct me...
their answer to my request

I have received some comments and questions lately on the blog. I'll have to make a special posting to respond sometime soon. :)
Good night!

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  1. Positive workplace communication in one hour! I can sum it up in one sentence: Let others win sometimes.


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