Sunday, September 11, 2011

All sorts of good things

Thanks y'all for your many recommendations on how to fix the hump my NL 6000 created in the upper back zipper.  I worked a bit last night on the fix, but am not satisfied with it and will continue to work on it some more.  Details will be later. If I find some energy after work one night I will try it out otherwise it will have to wait for next weekend.    I am thankful for your helpful suggestions and support!

Today I visited my parents to celebrate their birthdays. They are a year and 8 days apart in age.
We went to the Circus Drive-In for lunch. It's a Wall, NJ icon. The Circus Drive In Wall, NJ
Here's almost all the possible permutations of us with the sign:
me and Dad at the Circus Mom and Dad at the Circus The Burkhardt Family
Dad hasn't been sewing lately but feels he will get back to it when the weather is cooler. Here he is with the Mood bag Antoinette scored for me during our June NYC shopping trip (I brought home some dresses to show my parents). I love that bag and use it a lot for toting things to and from work.
And you can see the cute little yellow house I grew up in. The bag all the fashionable sewists are carrying
And yesterday I received a surprise package in the mail from Antoinette; how sweet is this good stuff?  The book is totally adorable and full of things like my grandmother made.  Plus more underwear elastic!  Sweet sweet sweet stuff.
good stuff from Antoinette!

Farmer's Mkt flowers this week:
Princeton farmer's mkt flowers 9/10/11
Hope you are all well and healthy healthy healthy!
I'm trying to get back on track with my sleeping.  Have to keep reminding myself sleep is a gift I can give myself!
Good night!
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  1. Ha, Ha, Ha! I'm using blogger's new interface as well, and I am having the same reaction!

    I think it's neat that your dad sews. And it looks like the three of you had a good time together. Are you an only child?

    Well best wishes on fixing your NL garment!

  2. Sweet stuff for a sweet friend. xo

  3. I love all the colors in your post tonight. Sleep well!


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