Friday, September 23, 2011

American Sewing Expo day 1: I met Suade from Project Runway!!!

Highlights from the American Sewing Expo, Day 1:

The number one highlight was meeting Project Runway Season 5 semi-finalist Suade  at the Simplicity booth.  Yeah!!!!

Me in Simplicity 2406 with Suade from Project Runway!
I'm wearing Simplicity 2406 and Suade is wearing menswear from his SuadeSays collection.
I wish I had fixed my dress...

He is SO nice.  Greeted me with a hug, asked me what my name is, and we chatted about his tweets about last night's Project Runway.   We also chatted about his SuadeSays pattern line at Simplicity.  I asked if he'd mind a photo, and it turned out the Simplicity booth was already set up for that with the "SuadeSays" posters in the background.  A Simplicity rep took a separate picture and posted it on their Facebook page.  Then he said goodbye with a hug.  How nice is that?    He is the third PR alum I've met. Tomorrow morning I am going to a workshop of his, plus the lunchtime Simplicity runway show and Passion for Fashion tomorrow night.

I also chatted with some of the Simplicity reps; they are so nice too.  I just love the Simplicity booth as I am SUCH a Simplicity and New Look sewist.  One of their reps recognized me as the person who takes front, side and back views in the mirror and says I sew up a storm (though she's made 14 dresses this summer; I've made 7).  I told her last night I posted my 99th pattern review; which one will be #100?  Possibly one of these that I picked up today:

new simplicity patterns I bought today

Simplicity has a line of hats; am I too old to wear this one:
I *love* this hat.  Am I too old to wear it?
Bibs and hats:
hats and bibs from the Simplicity booth

Here's the wristband for today; much better than a handstamp!
Yes, I'm tough with my American Sewing Expo wristband

Vogue Fabrics has a booth; here's their Sophia knit section.   This is the GOOD, soft, buttery double knit stuff that I will have to order online when I get home...especially that heathered PINK.  I am wanting that pink something bad. 
Sophia fabric from Vogue Fabrics

Isn't this dress awesome?  It's one of the entries of a Passion for Fashion finalist (but not a dress they are making onsite as part of their Project Runway-style challenge).
hello chevrons

I went to three classes today, one on zippers, Angela Wolf's class on denim topstitching and distressing (she is so entertaining, plus such great tips!), and a 3 hour hands-on serger class this morning.   Part of the class fee included the serger thread, which I totally wasn't expecting!  And it's Maxi-Lock thread too, in 5 colors.
my serger this morning

Here are my samples.  As you can see, some are better than others!
samples from today's serger class, some better than others
But now I know how to do a lettuce edge which is something I've always wanted to learn.  After that, the instructor made us clip our serger threads and thread the machine from scratch.  I, however, was the only one who couldn't thread properly and the instructor said we'd have to move on so while everyone else learned rolled hem I was threading again.  LOL.  When I teach my software classes I know what that point is like, being an instructor, where I can't help students anymore, I just have to move on for the benefit of the rest of the class, and it was funny to be on the other side of that!

So tomorrow it's not just the sewing expo, just like last year the Gun and Knife show will be going on.  Guess my glue gun that I need for Sunday's class will fit right in.  Yup.
my glue gun will fit right in?
Be well and good night!!


  1. Hope you continue having a great time!

  2. Enjoy the rest of the Expo! What a fun time you are having!

  3. Great photo with Suede!!!!! Glad you're enjoying the expo.


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